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Some Thoughts on Maternity Wear

Ahh the pain in the ass that is trying to find relatively stylish maternity wear. Or maternity wear that feels remotely like 'you' anyway. I'm tempted to sum up the hours I've spent both on-line and on foot, searching for frocks to shroud my gradually expanding lady lumps, with the words 'what a shower of shite' but that would, of course, be uncouth and not the positive uplifting piece of prose that you might expect, and deserve, on a relaxing Sunday morning. 

It seems that my visions of floating effortlessly from one antenatal checkup to the next, in a series of minimal yet stylish dresses, remain just that, visions. Herein lies the problems I've found trying to buy maternity clothes.

A Night At The Angel Inn, Hetton

Is it just me or has everyone on social media been diving off yachts in the South of France of late? Perhaps it's just my mind cruelly noting selective updates that'll pain me the most given that I haven't wanted to venture too far from home this summer. 

It's not all doom and gloom though.  Gazing longingly from afar has only been a small portion of recent months. In lieu of a 'proper' holiday we opted for a staycation this year instead. You still get the cathartic release of packing a case and fu**ing off but don't have the hassle of fitting your entire wash bag into one small clear plastic bag. Nor do you have to neck double G&Ts at the airport just to keep those claustrophobic thoughts from sneaking in... 
"It doesn't matter that you can't get off the plane, you don't need to get off the plane"... repeat as necessary

Yes, a staycation is a lot less hassle for those prone to an airport tizz. Our staycation took us, in the comfort of a car, across the Lancashire border and into the North Yorkshire Dales for a stay at The Angel Inn at Hetton. 
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