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St.Ives & Saving Up For Art Worth Hanging

This won't be the first time that I've prattled on about my love for St.Ives and it also won't be the last. Having holidayed there with family every year since day dot, bar the years when you don't won't to be seen dead with your parents, St.Ives has become one of my favourite places to be. Once a year my parents, very kindly, rent a house and we all descend for a week of sea views, sandy feet and if I'm being completely honest, baked goods. 

An Official Announcement - I'm Knocked Up

Yes I got knocked up, but not by Robbie the creep. (If you know, you know)

This weeks post is a personal one. While talk does centre around my cervix I promise not to mention trimesters.

Let me get straight into it with a cervical fact - Did you know that the average woman's cervix is 4cm long? Mine, courtesy of last years wretched encounter with cervical cancer, is now only 9mm and what the medical world would term 'incompetent'. Triffic. 

Hello cervical stitch. Also triffic. Remind me to add Cervial cerclage to my National Record of Achievement.

To cut a long story short (no pun intended), that's me skipping cross stitch for the foreseeable.
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