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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder - A Catch Up

It's often the case that the first sentence is the hardest to write. More so when you haven't put 'pen to paper' in months. I've had an unplanned blog hiatus you see, and without any hugely interesting reason other than I've just not been feeling it. I've enjoyed a delightful freedom in letting the blog be for a bit.

I'm not entirely sure what brought about the change. I kept meaning to come on here and catch up but found I wasn't 100% on what I wanted to share. There's a thin line between sharing and coming across as showy, and I grew troubled by what side of the line I sat. I came to the conclusion that this blog doesn't really represent me anymore...
*sing Les Miserables 'Who Am I?' now

A self imposed pressure for weekly content can easily lead to constructing a life to share rather than sharing a life already there. Am I buying that frock because I need it or because I plan to photograph the hell out of my millennial ass in it for next weeks post? 

*Am I too old to class myself as a millennial if I'm 35?
I've just consulted Google and according to Pew, a millennial will be between the ages of 22 and 36. Splendid. 

But back to blogging. In a nutshell, the fun for me had gone. Do I want to be spending Saturday mornings roping unsuspecting family members/life partners into taking my photos? Do I want to be sifting through 100 photos to find 6 that I look reasonably ok in? No, being the short answer.

The problem I then find myself with is this. It seems such a waste to have written on here for over four years to just stop. I don't want my post featuring a pretended love of microwaveable desserts to be for nothing. Nor do I don't want that post (well two posts) on frozen pizzas to have been made in vain.

While inevitably I'll have changed over the four years (as we all have), and prancing around a park for nice photos doesn't really feel like me, surely that doesn't mean that I have to throw the blogging towel in altogether? Surely the microwave hasn't pinged for the final time?

I do miss sitting down to write, having an idea and seeing what I comes of it. I also miss taking photos for the fun of it rather than for 'content.' Aside from some of the nonsense that blogging and social media can bring, a blog is a great distraction from everyday worries and as cheesy as this sounds, it really is cathartic ... if looked at in the right way.

I like sitting down for a weekly update, checking in with you and sharing whatever floated my boat. It's just the sometimes staged, this is wonderful, that's wonderful, world of 'influencing' that I don't really feel is me. It's tricky to wade your way through the noise of social media and find a way of being yourself. What's the point of doing what everyone else is doing when that's already been done?

The purpose of this post? To let you know that I'm still here and hoping to share posts from now on that are less orchestrated, and less what I think posts 'should be like' but instead are more relaxed and genuine. Well as genuine as you can ever be when sharing a snapshot of your life on the internet.

Thanks so much for reading.

Elaine x

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