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A Night At Northcote Manor

Is there anywhere nicer to be than tucked up in the crisp whites of a comfy hotel bed while the contents of an indulgent dinner slosh about your stomach? Throw in a few added extras by way of Classic FM lowly playing on the radio as you arrive, a tea tray to rival the most mothering of Mothers, and it'll do pour moi. 
I'm talking cafetières, home made ginger biscuits and fresh milk. Sling yer hook UHT one is having a half decent brew today.

Would you expect anything less from a stay at the luxury hotel Northcote Manor nestled in the heart of good old Lancashire. Oliver and I spent the night there for my Birthday back in March, which was cunning on my part because he couldn't very well put up much of a resistance to taking a quick snap of yours truly on her special day could he. Always thinking us gals. 

"No huffing and puffing please dearest, you'll ruin the ambience"

We opted for a 'Tasting Break' which included an over night stay, a 6 course seasonal tasting menu in the Michelin starred restaurant and, the best bit, breakfast. 

Courses included Slow Cooked Copper Maran Egg with Baked Potato Flakes, and also Ox Tongue with Aged Sour Cream, Cucumber Pickle and Dill. Uncanny as I would've rustled exactly the same up had we ate at home that evening... ahem.

We dined with Peter Crouch. Well we were all in the same restaurant and we were all eating so technically we we did in fact dine with Peter Crouch (and I'll tell his solicitor the very same). Whether he noticed our existence is by the by.

The restaurant was lovely but not pretentious and stuffy. Fancy but not over the top. You'd be at home if you wanted to pretend you were Rose DeWitt Bukater but at the same time you'd also be at home if you'd rather not. If you wanted to have someone talk you through the world's largest selection of cheeses you were welcome to, but at the same time you could just request ones crackers and that'd be that.

After dinner we returned to our room to find Classic FM had been switched off for the evening, the bed had been turned down (to avoid the unnecessary exertion that turning ones own duvet can bring) and Temple Spa toiletries to aid calming and relaxation had been left on the bed. Good God I'd found my spiritual home. They might sound like just small touches but they're the sort of thing that get a pretty strong exclamation of delight from me. Small things make a big difference.

We recently stayed for two nights at a hotel in Harrogate (which was very nice) but I did the old, put any toiletries left over from night one in your bag so that extra toiletries will be provided for night two (as I said earlier, always thinking). I was after an extra shower cap in particular. I know, I know, Nanna's anonymous sign me up. 

When we returned to the room nothing had been replenished bar clean towels. Harrowing isn't it. Now I was probably within my right to phone reception and ask for an extra shower cap but, although I'm at a stage in my life where I'm having thoughts about trying to haggle an extra shower cap, I'm thankfully not at a stage in my life where I'm acting upon these thoughts. I'm sure that time will come.

The point in me telling you all of this? That would never have happened at Northcote.

Thanks so much for reading.

Elaine x

My dress is from Sister Jane I bought it earlier in the year and it doesn't look to be available now. I've popped the link to their site in anyway just in case you fancy a look. They have so many nice things with a floaty retro sort of feel to them. Just fyi.

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  1. Excellent written to the extent that "I" and maybe "Him" want to be there now and experience that feeling of opulence. Been lucky enough to eat there but that bed has my name on it for sure.
    It's now on my bucket list. X


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