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The Pink Ladies Pledge

My puffer jacket exploded at the seams yesterday in a beautifully timed tribute to long awaited Spring weather. Thank goodness then, that the sun put his hat on. Hip hip hip hooray indeed. In a second turn up for the books I wore pink, and pastel pink at that. There'll be no toddlers in Office World harking, *"that's not a lady, that's a man" today. 
*based on a true event

I don't why, but I'm usually drawn to wear black. I've never consciously made that decision it just tends to happen. While it worked a charm for Karl Lagerfeld, this two piece number from Topshop caught my eye and before I'd paid too much attention to the fact that it was pink, we were on our way home together* happy in the knowledge that I'd start saving for the future tomorrow. I can't very well  start saving when I'm in need of a coordinated two piece can I?

I'm glad you agree.

*I did not grab the suit and hot foot it out of the store as this may read. I paid for the suit and do not in any way endorse shoplifting... even if it would serve Sir Phil right.

It will come as no surprise to you that I accessorised the suit with black. 

Beloved black Chelsea Boots (& Other Stories) that have stood the test of two winters, a thin black roll neck (H&M) making me Channel 9 News Team ready, and a black mini wicker bag (Zara) because I'm trying to train myself to stop carrying medication/plasters/sanitary items for all eventualities everywhere I go. Anyone else? Between you, me and these four walls, I've been known to carry spare knickers in my everyday bag before now. Why? I'm not sure. May I never be faced with the situation that requires me to find out.

Anyway, I digress...

I wear the same two necklaces every day at the moment. One that Oliver bought me while we were in Cornwall last year, and the other I bought myself from Daisy Jewellery. I'm keen on layering necklaces but, in the interest of only wearing jewellery that has meaning to me, I'm still collecting pieces as I go. I hope to be dripping in gold by 40. Possibly a tad vulgar but we all need hopes and dreams.

Speaking of hopes, I hope that the weather has picked up wherever you are, and I bloody well hope it's here to stay.

Thanks so much for reading.

Elaine x 

Link to the blazer here and the coordinating trousers here x

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