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A Saturday in Manchester

Well hello there, how's things? You might have noticed that I missed posting last Sunday. I was let down by unforeseen delays developing a roll of film. Trying to keep up with the cool kids is harder than it looks. I din't want to churn out any old thing in a bit of a rush (I think better of you than that) so instead the week slipped by without a post. 

In truth, perhaps I could've managed to squeeze some quality content out at the last minute had I not spent the most part of last Saturday catching up with a friend in Manchester. 

If a recent tweet by @TheMinimalists is to be believed "Your calendar reflects your true priorities" then make what you will of 'cocktails over lunch with Sarah'.

Or 'Sarah Photography' as she's stored in my phone. I only met Sarah a couple of years ago through a College course, and I think it's ruddy nice that we've remained friends afterwards. It's not just the bad boy of a Photography NVQ Level 2 that we have in common. We seemed to have lived almost parallel lives in a slightly spooky but lovely way. Spending time over the years in many of the same places but never crossing paths until recently. 

Now both in our thirties, both engaged, and both accidentally wearing similar outfits for lunch last Saturday. I should have pre-empted the outfits really. 

Can you remember the 10 year challenge that took over our newsfeeds lately? I'd spotted in Sarah's bobby dazzler of snap that she was wearing the same scarf that I used to wear. The same scarf might not sound very sliding doors, but if you saw the scarf in question you'd get where I was coming from. It was a pretty jazzy scarf, adorned with the unusual combination of sequins and skulls, and tied around the neck like you would a bib. Stylish no? 

Turns out we'd bought the scarf from the same little boutique that we'd both loved and shopped at often, and worn it to the same dingy indie nightclubs. See, uncanny! Anyway fast forward 10 years and we're dining together at Dishoom, but now with less sequins. 

I'd recommend a visit to Dishoom, despite an animated waiter who was just touching on annoying. 

"I'm trying to catch up with my pal from a parallel universe here mate, I don't wanna hear about the origins of Dishoom" ... which of course I did not say at the time.

We enjoyed the absolute treat of midday cocktails and discussed the reasons why we both would probably never want a hen do. Note probably. Three cocktails deep we then called into the People's History Museum to listen to a Social Media Panel at the Women in Media Conference. Dead modern gals aren't we. 

We listened to fashion and lifestyle blogger, Sophia Rosemary and lifestyle blogger and Senior Representative of Girls Against Alice Porter. What did I take away from the panel, besides a free pen and the shame of standing in a revolving door, that is not automatic, waiting for it to revolve?

Here's what was discussed...

There should always be a level of truth in what we share on-line but we shouldn't feel the need to put ourselves out there completely. Recognise that social media should not be taken literally. It's a highlight reel of our best bits that shouldn't be taken too seriously and doesn't always have to be about fighting a cause. It can just be for fun.

I particularly liked Alice's tip for those days when we fall into the risky business of comparing ourselves to others. Look back through your own highlight reel and focus on your own best bits. What a lovely idea.

The panel also discussed taking responsibility for our own well being and we should recognise the impact of those who we choose to follow. If someone's feed doesn't serve your best interests it's ok to unfollow. 

It was suggested that tips for well being vs social media should be taught in schools and I'm all for that. Those little cherubs who are growing up in a world where #photooftheday has been used on Instagram over 490 million times could do with a few tips here and there.

I suppose the main thing I'll take away from the panel is Sophia's advice to have fun with the on-line world. Don't take it too seriously and don't forget to make cocktails with friends a priority.

N.B. the last tip was my own

Thanks so much for reading. See you next Sunday.

Elaine x

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