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Yes, I Went Motor-homing & No, I've Not Retired

There are two things to note. 
1, I recently spent 4 nights in a motorhome taking in the sights of Northumberland. 
2, I am not getting a perm nor taking early retirement. 

You heard it here first, people will be ditching their VW campers by the droves, in favour of a Sunlight T69L before you can say purple rinse.

A Saturday in Manchester

Well hello there, how's things? You might have noticed that I missed posting last Sunday. I was let down by unforeseen delays developing a roll of film. Trying to keep up with the cool kids is harder than it looks. I din't want to churn out any old thing in a bit of a rush (I think better of you than that) so instead the week slipped by without a post. 

In truth, perhaps I could've managed to squeeze some quality content out at the last minute had I not spent the most part of last Saturday catching up with a friend in Manchester. 

If a recent tweet by @TheMinimalists is to be believed "Your calendar reflects your true priorities" then make what you will of 'cocktails over lunch with Sarah'.
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