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Not All White On The Night

I always have a little note pad with me for jotting down any ideas or musings that might one day see the light of a blog post. I find it helps to keep ideas flowing and I enjoy scribbling away in my own world instead of scouring t'internet at the risk of slipping into comparison mode. We all know where that ends up. 

So I was quite happy earlier this week penning a few absolute corkers about white jeans and why I'd never owned a pair before. There was a hilarious comparison to Razorlight's Johnny Borrell and a side splitting reflection on an open invitation for your period to start.

It came as a disappointment then when I found that my highly anticipated first ever pair of white jeans wouldn't fasten. Just because 'the model wears a size 27' doesn't mean that you will wear a size 27. I didn't understand the sizing, and in the absence of a tape measure, thought f**k it, I'll give her size a go. 

Positive thinking will only get you so far... to a DPD drop off point evidently.

Fortunately, my blouse did fit and I'm very happy to add a bit of colour into my wardrobe. Spring is most definitely in the air! I accidentally wore it with almost all & Other Stories which I only realised as I came to write this, and to be honest, has made me feel a tad obsessive, but only in a borderline neurotic sort of a way. 

All in all the return of the white jeans probably worked out for the best. I would've only ended up clutching at straws with a DAZ whiter than white pun of some sort, plus, these old ones allow me to sit down.

I hope you've enjoyed blue skies in your neck of the woods. I'm off on my first staycation of 2019 next week so if these bright days could linger I'd be very grateful.

Thanks so much for reading. I've linked the new bits below.

&Other Stories Blouse here
Asos Headband here

Elaine x

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