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Friends on Film

Last week two of my close friends, Sarah and Alicia, came round for a long overdue night of friends, fizz and a look at what the future holds (we did tarot card readings huddled in front of the log burner). We started the night sipping champagne from vintage champagne saucers with the soothing tones of James Blake playing while we set to catching up. Fast forward to 3:00am and James Blake's been replaced by Haddaway What is Love, I've changed my lower half only into pyjamas, one of us is asleep sitting up and none of us can remember what the tarot cards said.

I'd recently treat myself to a new point and shoot film camera and thought the idea to test it out with my friends round was splendid. It would've worked a treat had I bought a half decent camera and legitimately don't know what I was thinking buying a £14.99 camera from Ebay and expecting it to be anything other than crap. You live and you learn.

Anyway, to my amazement we did manage to get a handful of photos that, despite their sketchy quality, I really like. Nothing beats the potential awkwardness of collecting prints when you can't quite remember what photos you took.

I thought it would be nice to post a few on here. There's enough glossy content knocking about out there already don't you think, so I want to share a bit more of what I think is missing. Pissed pals, in a dimly lit room cackling around a coffee table.

I don't have friends over often enough which is something I plan to put right. There's nothing quite as good for your soul as a night spent swapping stories with friends. Proper friends, the ones you might not have seen in weeks, or sometimes even months, but you meet and it feels like it was only yesterday.

There's therapy to be found in spending time with the people you knew when you were young. 

I might not be able to remember the entire night, or why I changed into half pyjama half ordinary clothes. I might not be able to remember what the cards said but, some things I am certain of. I know that we laughed, a lot, I know that I shouldn't be ashamed to secretly like Haddaway, and I know that the future consists of ... paracetamol, and lovely pals round more often.

Thanks so much for reading. Don't forget it's Galentine's day next week. Risk the rumour you're headed for a break down, and tell a pal they mean the world.

Elaine x 

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