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Never Wish Your Time Away - Unless It's January

Well pals, lets give ourselves a pat on the back, we've made it. January is D.O.N.E 

I know you really shouldn't wish your time away but I just can't help counting down the days until January is behind us. It's all the blues propaganda keeping me on my toes. The fear mongering that I might plummet into a bout of post festive depression at any unsuspecting moment. Like everyones Mum in the run up to the Millennium, I've been anticipating disaster, but without the need to stock pile tins and loo rolls.

I'm grateful to be sat writing this in the safety of February, with the relief that no such disaster occurred. There was no need to cross each day off the kitchen calendar like an inmate due parole, quietly relieved that I didn't appear to be depressed thus far. Although my resolution to exercise on a regular basis may have failed to come to fruition, I'd go so far as to say that January wasn't a bad old month after all. 

I've wiled away my time curled up with red wine in front of the fire, getting stuck into some good TV (Sex Education/the Fyre festival documentary ... god bless Billy) and treating myself to a few bits. This trench coat from Zara being one such 'bit.' Thank crunchie the month has passed without a hitch. 

How was January for you? Does anyone else count down the days?

Thanks so much for reading.

Elaine x

Link to the jacket here and it's currently in the sale!!

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