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Confessions No.1 - A New Monthly Series

Hello pals! How's tricks? I've been trying to think of something that could be a bit of a regular feature on here. A series of some sort that I could make a monthly fixture and I think I've decided on a confessional. It'll be a chatty post on whatever springs to mind that may bring on hot sweats (mine that is) but will hopefully provide you with five or ten minutes of entertainment. Will it be worth the oversharing? We'll see.
I suppose there'll be a bit of memory lane wandering initially while I have a rummage round repression corner to find tales worth sharing, but then I'll pay more attention as each month passes to what could find its way into this feature.
In the very beginning when I started this blog, I wanted it to be relatable, something that might make anyone kind enough to read it feel good. Basically I wanted it to be a bit of a laugh ...
"Oooooh we're gonna have a good time" Alan Partridge.
... so perhaps a confessional will be the perfect way to make it just that. I doubt my Mum'll approve, but again, we'll see.

I'll admit I'm 50/50 on whether this is a fun idea or something that could live to haunt me. There's a safety in sitting at home and writing freely. The keyboard warrior type syndrome. But I'll have to keep in mind that people I know will actually read this. If I wouldn't share it round a dinner table, one bottle of vino deep, then I won't share it on here. Seems like a pretty robust approach to maintaining my dignity, wouldn't you agree?

If I wouldn't want anyone to look me in the eye knowing that I once threw up in the porch of my tent at a music festival, cried, passed out and woke up with a panty liner stuck on my back, then I won't write it on here... 

n.b. to add insult to injury the bloke that I was seeing at the time witnessed the whole thing. He said I cried so much that he thought I was about to reveal a deep dark secret. "No mate, I've been sick on my hols and made a right mess" that's enough to upset any lass. It was our first and last festival together. One can only assume that he loved me too wildly and was afraid of his feelings. Or that's how it'll go in my memoirs.

Right then, while I await a possible back lash, I'll get to thinking about next months confessional to properly kick the series off. Gotta dash now, Bodyform are on the blower...

Thanks so much for reading.

Elaine x

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