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What Would Joan Collins Think?

There will be many moments in our lives that stand out as significant. Being swayed to buy a shirt because it had a fleece lining was recently one of them in mine. It was a poignant reminder that my boob tube wearing days are loooong gone, replaced indefinitely, thank goodness, with what I'll call the cosy years. 

Joan Collins once said to me (via the medium of a television programme), "fleece are for sheep." 

I absorbed that view point like a sponge and agreed wholeheartedly. What would Joan think then I wonder, of a fleece lined shirt? I'd like to think that, although a bit close to the mark, she would say it's acceptable. Just. Especially seeing that I've wanted a lumberjack shirt for forever. 

It's proven hard to come by a 'proper' one. You know one that I could actually fell logs in / do the big shop in. But eventually I found what I was after from Dickies (do be cautious searching Dickies online) in the way of a mans extra small Lansdale shirt (do be cautious searching Dickies mans extra small ... sorry, too obvious?)

Anyway, I found one, I love it and I want to wear it every day. The fact that I bought it from the mans section only heightens my excitement about it. She's a free spirit is that one, she's not supposed to be in the mans section but she just can't be tamed/stopped from buying treats.

I've seen much more of a move towards sustainable fashions recently, as I'm sure you'll have seen also. Buying for the long haul, clothes that last instead of fast fashions, worn once then slung out to the land fill. Well, stone the crows if a lumberjack isn't for the long haul. I shall be doing all my errands in mine for the foreseeable future. Long live Trucker chic!

I scooped up the beaded bag in the Urban Outfitters sale. Too pretty to leave behind and if I go off it, I'll reuse the beads. I'll embellish something with them, a boob tube maybe?

As always, thanks so much for reading. 

Links to shop ...

Dickies Shirt here
Urban Outfitters Beaded Bag here currently a bargain in the sale at £21.00


Elaine x

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