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Well hello. How's the new year treating you so far?

I don't know about you, but I find that once the excitement and promise that comes with a brand new year has died down a little, what a bleak old month January can be. I suppose there are lots of ways to beat the January blues, resolutions that might distract, that sort of thing, but the month to me, and to most I presume, always feels a bit flat.

So I decided yesterday, on the first Saturday of the year, to go for a walk. Just myself and my camera. I walked for two hours in the fresh air, alone but not lonely. There's something about wandering feet that prompts the mind to follow suit, and naturally I got to thinking about all sorts of things.
I even got to pondering over times passed when I had felt lonely. Times when I seemed to be down on my luck, or when things certainly felt that way. The sort of times we all go through at points in our lives. What is it about this time of year that sparks reflection?

I walked further and my mind returned to present thoughts. I got to thinking that I hoped I didn't get attacked, wandering alone in quiet areas. Then hoping, in contrast, that I didn't see anyone I know as I stopped to eat a bag of mini cheddars. Kudos to me jumping into 2019 with both feet first.

Concerns (and savoury snacks) aside, I noted how much has changed in my life, how worries that had seemed so big at the time weren't even relevant today, and thank goodness for that too. How grateful I am that things had started to look up.

I continued to walk, albeit with a faint waft of cheese trailing me, quiet with my thoughts while I took photos and noted, the art of living is much easier today ... even if we are still in early January. Perhaps having a hobby to occupy the quieter days helps. Being melodramatic on the internet.

Guild Wheel, Preston

Thanks so much for reading.

I hope the January blues are at bay in your world. Remember to get yourself out into the fresh air... after you've hit snooze a few times.


Elaine x 

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