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Taking The Pressure Off

This Sunday I'm bringing you a little ramble about why we all need to take the pressure off, sprinkled with a couple of accidental blue steels.

I work in a University office, which is a slightly fancier way of saying I work in admin. We've just come out of exam week, a naturally scary time when weeks of learning is put to the test in one anxiety inducing sitting. It's stressful. Nobody wants to pay nine grand a year to come out with nothing, I get it. But after seeing the highly fretful state that people were getting themselves into last week I found myself blaming the one failsafe target for all modern day problems, including putting too much pressure on ourselves to succeed ... Social Media.

What does it mean to succeed today then?

Making your first million by the age of 29? Running a self-made entrepreneurial empire from the comfort of your own home? Sacking off your paper round and traveling the world instead? Gathering a cool 40 thousand social media followers while you pen a best seller on how to store 100 trophies while still being a minimalist? 

On the one hand it's a wonderful time, when all of the above are possible(ish) or so we're lead to believe. It's reachable but you've got to work for it. You're only limitation is yourself ... etcetera etcetera. I agree with this to a certain extent. 

It's exciting that people are carving out their own futures and not settling for the mundane day to day routine, but, we don't all have to make a million, or pen a novel to succeed. We don't have to launch our own lingerie line in collaboration with Bon Marche to be happy. (I don't know why I'm throwing shade at Bon Marche, it just came out)

What if we all took the pressure off? What if we changed the way we considered success and decided instead that the warm fuzzy feeling when you open your front door at the end of a day is a marker of success. What if lasting friendships and free time to spend doing the things you love is a marker of success. What if getting stuck into a really good book in a long hot bath is a marker of success.

Let's move gradually in the general direction of whatever it is that lights us up and for the rest of our time focus on bringing back the word 'chillaxing.' 

We might fail an exam here and there but you can only do the best that you can at the time. Why else was reassessment week invented?

So I suppose it's safe to assume there'll be no trophies adorning my mantelpiece this year, unless the worlds worst motivational speaker is up for grabs. 

As always, thanks so much for reading and this time thanks also to my sister and niece who took these photos on a very chilly Saturday morning. Oops, I've slipped into an acceptance speech.  

Elaine x

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