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A Necklace with Meaning - Daisy Jewellery & Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

After last week's post included a brief whinge about social media, I'm writing this weeks with my tail between my legs, so to speak. Without social media I would never have stumbled upon Daisy Jewellery's collaboration with Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and their beautiful Aphrodite necklaces.

Released to coincide with cervical cancer prevention week, £10.00 from each necklace sold goes directly to Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, "to help raise awareness towards preventing the disease and provide vital support to those affected by it." Has their ever been a more perfect excuse to buy a beautiful piece of jewellery?
Designed to celebrate the female form and to be worn as a statement of empowerment, I love everything about it. I bought mine to join my small, but growing, collection of wear them everyday pieces.

Now then, at the risk of sounding all Uncle Albert, "When I was in the war" ... bear with me while I step on my own soap box momentarily...

When I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year, the wind was well and truly knocked out of my sails. Completely out of the blue and found after a routine smear, treatment thankfully was quick, pain free and successful. I doubt I'd have been so lucky had I not gone for my smear.

Initially I put the letter inviting me to book a routine test to one side, with the thought I'll book that later. About a week or so passed, with the test still not booked, and I had an odd dream. I dreamt that I went for my smear and something was wrong. Doctors gathered around my nether regions concerned about what they'd found as they all peered in for a closer look. (Look that one up in your dream book).

When I woke the next day I made my appointment and the rest is history.

Now I'm not claiming to have 'a gift' although that'd be an exciting spin to put on things, but I guess that in a relaxed state of mind my conscience pricked, you need to book your test... and thank goodness I did.

The next time that letter arrives for you, or if it's already bundled away in a drawer, think of me and make that call.

Almost a year on, I think about it all less often, and certainly less since a 6 month follow up came back ok but, from time to time the thought crops up, just imagine what would've happened if I hadn't gone.

If you fancy adding something beautiful to your own jewellery collection AND helping a very worthwhile cause you can find the Aphrodite Necklace here.

Also, if booking a smear test is frightening for you there's tips to make it a little less so from Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust here.

Thanks so much for reading.

Elaine x 


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