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A Necklace with Meaning - Daisy Jewellery & Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

After last week's post included a brief whinge about social media, I'm writing this weeks with my tail between my legs, so to speak. Without social media I would never have stumbled upon Daisy Jewellery's collaboration with Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and their beautiful Aphrodite necklaces.

Released to coincide with cervical cancer prevention week, £10.00 from each necklace sold goes directly to Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, "to help raise awareness towards preventing the disease and provide vital support to those affected by it." Has their ever been a more perfect excuse to buy a beautiful piece of jewellery?

Taking The Pressure Off

This Sunday I'm bringing you a little ramble about why we all need to take the pressure off, sprinkled with a couple of accidental blue steels.

I work in a University office, which is a slightly fancier way of saying I work in admin. We've just come out of exam week, a naturally scary time when weeks of learning is put to the test in one anxiety inducing sitting. It's stressful. Nobody wants to pay nine grand a year to come out with nothing, I get it. But after seeing the highly fretful state that people were getting themselves into last week I found myself blaming the one failsafe target for all modern day problems, including putting too much pressure on ourselves to succeed ... Social Media.

What Would Joan Collins Think?

There will be many moments in our lives that stand out as significant. Being swayed to buy a shirt because it had a fleece lining was recently one of them in mine. It was a poignant reminder that my boob tube wearing days are loooong gone, replaced indefinitely, thank goodness, with what I'll call the cosy years. 

The Art of Living

Well hello. How's the new year treating you so far?

I don't know about you, but I find that once the excitement and promise that comes with a brand new year has died down a little, what a bleak old month January can be. I suppose there are lots of ways to beat the January blues, resolutions that might distract, that sort of thing, but the month to me, and to most I presume, always feels a bit flat.

So I decided yesterday, on the first Saturday of the year, to go for a walk. Just myself and my camera. I walked for two hours in the fresh air, alone but not lonely. There's something about wandering feet that prompts the mind to follow suit, and naturally I got to thinking about all sorts of things.
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