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Düsseldorf in December

Hello, hello! How are you? I do hope you enjoy my final travel post of the year which could have been aptly called 'One Million Photos from Düsseldorf!' I've laboured over this one with love to give you a good old flavour of the German Christmas Markets, or what they call in Germany, Christmas Markets. (A legitimate discussion that took place between Oliver and I)

You'll notice the photos get progressively more christmassy, ending with a festive explosion of baubles and mulled wine. If you're sick to the back teeth of Christmassy things already, sorry.

Now as far as I can tell there are more obvious cities to visit in Deutschland if you're fancying a Christmas market, but I read that Düsseldorf was a hidden gem and in the top ten of Christmas Markets, so I booked it, packed it... you know the rest... to see for myself.

We stayed at The Intercontinental Hotel situated on the Königsallee, an 'Urban Boulevard' with a tree lined canal running down it's centre and luxury shops either side. Not that you'll find me in many luxury shops, mores the pity, but it's good to be in nice company.

We could walk to everything from the hotel, and I do love a City break that isn't predominantly spent crushed into trains, tubes et al. It's so lovely to wander around a new place isn't it.

To look the part of the cultured City goer, we visited K21 the museum of modern art and had a bash at Tomás Saraceno's interactive art exhibition, In Orbit. Suspended at a height of over 25 metres from the museums atrium floor, visitors are invited to enter the installation, clad in fetching blue boiler suits, and experience the sensation of moving around amongst floating planetary bodies or a sea of clouds. (Someone took note of the leaflet). Lot's of fun, unless heights aren't your bag and you climbed back out after three minutes. Some wives/partners/girlfriends stood on the sidelines and didn't even make an attempt, which is precisely what I pointed out to Oliver as I made my swift exit.

Boiler suits off, we went on to ignore the warning of potentially disturbing content outside Paul McCarthy's exhibit (not to be misread as Paul McCartney). My sincerest apologies to Sir Paul, who was NOT in a video writhing about a bed, wig on, doing unspeakable things with a dildo. Take us to the watercolours for the love of God!
(Snap above taken from our hotel room terrace. 
On a wanky scale of 1 - 10 I'd rate that last sentence as a 9)

Two things became apparent during our stay,
1. Our grasp of the German language is nicht gut
2. Our grasp of the French language is surprisingly much better as noted while blurting out accidental "Oui's" 

Although not enough "Oui's" to fool the lady on reception at K21 who pointed out, "You're very British aren't you" Aye Lass, one could say that.

We rounded off our first night with a delightful dinner at the Lido Hafen restaurant. Fine dining without the stuffy atmosphere and in the nicest location. I had Tarte of Pumpkin and Quince to start, followed by baked organic egg served with creamed spinach and shaved black truffles. The night time photos don't show it so well, but the restaurant is on a bridge in the Lido Harbour.

We enjoyed the amuse bouches while they lasted, because the rest of the trip was set aside for German Beer or Altbier, bratwurst and kartoffelpuffers (giant hash browns served with apple sauce). A personal highlight of the trip was ordering cheese burger and chips on Room Service in our most Kevin McAllister moment to date. That's what hot toddies from lunch time will do for you.

The Christmas Markets are dotted about the City, each with a different theme and most importantly, a different style mulled wine mug. We spent most of our time wandering from market to market, in search of food, food, and more food. The stalls had the most lovely traditional decorations and candles to buy and started the festive season off perfectly.

It was a wonderful weekend that wasn't even spoiled by knocking over an untouched Altbier. Not even the lady on the flight home who refused to take her feet out of my footwell could ruin a wonderful start to the party season. Some people!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope your looking forward to a Happy Christmas however you may be spending it.


Elaine x .. until next time, au revoir

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