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2018 - What the hell happened there then?

Hello, and very nearly Happy New Year to you! Has the holiday season treated you kindly? I hope that your batteries are fully recharged and you're raring to see what the new year has in store. May it bring you only good things... and cash, while we're hoping for things, we may as well hope for cash.

I was looking forward to pondering over the past year and sharing my highs and lows with you but it dawned on me that I might be the only one looking forward to that. You have after all already suffered read my posts as the year passed. So instead, as a sort of last minute Christmas gift to you, I'll try to avoid too much self indulgence and share with you the lessons I've learned. 2018, if nothing else, brought me some valuable lessons.

Düsseldorf in December

Hello, hello! How are you? I do hope you enjoy my final travel post of the year which could have been aptly called 'One Million Photos from Düsseldorf!' I've laboured over this one with love to give you a good old flavour of the German Christmas Markets, or what they call in Germany, Christmas Markets. (A legitimate discussion that took place between Oliver and I)

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