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Edinburgh On 35mm

Bonjourno pals. How's tricks? I hope your winter woollies are well and truly out and you're slinging your transitional coats over them with gusto. and yes gents, a transitional coat is a necessary item.

The other week I made my maiden voyage to bonny Edinburgh for 3 days of city wandering, broken up by food, drink and cliched impressions of the Scottish accent. Do you do that? Feel inclined to impersonate the accent of whichever region you happen to be in?
The photos in this post were all taken on my Dads old film camera, and for a first attempt I'm happy enough with what came out. As strange as it was to have to wait until the photos were developed, it was fun to have a change from the instant nature of the digital world. Patience is a virtue after all. 

Thrilled I was not with the man who walked straight through my shot of a bagpiper (the wee swine) but I'll forgive him somewhat for wearing a tartan hat.

It felt like a while since I'd been away so it was a lovely few days exploring, made all the more so having never been there before. We walked, a lot, which I love to do in a city. Taking in the views from Arthur's Seat and from Calton Hill. 

We found a cosy restaurant called Cafe St HonorÄ— serving Scottish produce cooked in classic French styles. Think black and white tiled floors and Parisian vibes. Very Allo Allo. We also had the best afternoon tea I've ever had in the Signet Library just off the Royal Mile. Afternoon tea in a library might sound a bit pompous and boring but trust me it was heavenly. Think amuse-bouche, three tiers of savoury delights followed by a further three tiers of sweet treats, washed down with a glass of pommery and a choice of fine teas. (I've worked wonders convincing you it wasn't pompous haven't I)

A nice change from the afternoon tea's you typically find round my neck of the woods in Preston - "Tea or coffee luv?"

"I want a bloody amuse-bouche Brenda"

Now then, I've slipped into telling you all about the trip when I really just wanted to share my film photos with you in this post. We found a few little gems you see, so I'm going to put together a handy weekend guide. 

To summarise, this post is just me experimenting with film photographs. Shows I'm reet modern. It does doesn't it Mam?

Thanks so much for reading. Short and sweet but I hope you enjoyed it.

Elaine x

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