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Over Size Me

If you never watched the 2004 documentary Super Size Me, then the genius of this title is wasted on you. Either way, it's the best that's coming to me on a Sunday evening fresh from a train journey after a weekend in London. Oliver and I headed to the big smoke to have a mooch about and catch up with a dear old pal of mine.

In an unfortunate twist of fate, my friend fell ill and cancelled, so we spent a Saturday in Notting Hill just the two of us, with only a whiff of Monica and Chandler when the friends they meet on holiday bin them off, about us.

Edinburgh On 35mm

Bonjourno pals. How's tricks? I hope your winter woollies are well and truly out and you're slinging your transitional coats over them with gusto. and yes gents, a transitional coat is a necessary item.

The other week I made my maiden voyage to bonny Edinburgh for 3 days of city wandering, broken up by food, drink and cliched impressions of the Scottish accent. Do you do that? Feel inclined to impersonate the accent of whichever region you happen to be in?
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