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A Quick Catch Up (with just a hint of a whinge)

Well shame on me, I've done it again. It's been two months since I sat down to write on here! Two months! (I read somewhere that if you've had a gap in blogging, you shouldn't draw attention to how long it's been as you might get away with nobody noticing. Well to hell with the rules. It's been two months!)

Fortunately, I'm very happy to say that, unlike my blogging break earlier this year due to unforeseen mayhem with ones cervix, there has been no dramatic reason for my most recent hiatus. This time I've been... *drumroll ... thinking. Yes, I've been having a good old think about blogging, social media and the addictive little on-line world that we live in. The culmination of my musings? It's all going a bit far isn't it.
The world is awash with whose done this and whose done that. Betty's in Barbados and Patricia's in Positano but you're post big shop delivery and livid. You're trying to find out how to get a refund because your Chocolate Eclairs look they've been kicked down the street. It's only £1.65 but it's the principle. You can't be expected to lick chocolate off plastic.

Nelly's in New York and Pamela's in Paris but your sister's on the blower and she's livid. She's clocked a neighbour using her brown bin for their grass cuttings. She's had enough. She's knocking on. 
(Both true stories)

Now here would be where I write the paragraph that serves as a reminder that what we see on-line is an edited version of 'reality'. BUT we already know this don't we, and for fear of this post in itself being tiresome, I'm skating over it. We all know the drill. We all know the problems with social media. Suzie never found happiness staring at a screen did she. No, in fact Suzie's eyes turned into squares. Well iPhone shaped rectangles.

Of course social media isn't all bad, far from it. And I don't exactly have bags of room to be whinging about over sharing on-line do I. Let she who has mentioned her cervix only four paragraphs ago, cast the first stone.
I have after all, found a lovely wee hobby in this blog which would, without social media, be up slack alley. So what's my point in all of this?

When you find yourself rolling your eyes at your news feed, saying "oh my days have you seen this?" rather than appreciating it for what it should be, escapism...fun. A tool to connect with, to distract yourself from the mundane with, and most importantly, to have a reet good nosey with. 
When you find yourself feeling irritated, it's time to spend some time apart. How can you recognise everything that you have when your square eyes are gawping at everyone else?

Filter who you follow. Put your phone down. Go out with a friend for a French Martini and not because it'll look good on the gram. Do it because French Martini's are n.i.c.e !

I'll still be showing up on here. I enjoy these little sit downs. I enjoy taking photographs and the process of creating blog posts. It's just the constant nature of the on-line world that I'll be giving a miss. Between me and you I find it all a bit annoying. Anyone else?

The next post in the pipeline? ... Elaine's in Edinburgh ... Pot, kettle, black, anyone? F*ck. We're all screwed. 

Thanks so much for reading.

Elaine x 


  1. How can and why do you put things so well?! Teach me to be wordy like you! I’m resounding with finding it all annoying. It’s a love hate relationship and I have to be careful how I much I invest time and mind wise at the mo.. When my attitude starts to bend or go sour, it’s time to put this app down and get out without distraction. But then I see something I want to share... ��

    1. Yes Meg, a love - hate relationship is the perfect way of putting it! I go through phases of being on it all the time or not at all. I need to find a happy medium.
      Thanks for reading x x


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