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A Quick Catch Up (with just a hint of a whinge)

Well shame on me, I've done it again. It's been two months since I sat down to write on here! Two months! (I read somewhere that if you've had a gap in blogging, you shouldn't draw attention to how long it's been as you might get away with nobody noticing. Well to hell with the rules. It's been two months!)

Fortunately, I'm very happy to say that, unlike my blogging break earlier this year due to unforeseen mayhem with ones cervix, there has been no dramatic reason for my most recent hiatus. This time I've been... *drumroll ... thinking. Yes, I've been having a good old think about blogging, social media and the addictive little on-line world that we live in. The culmination of my musings? It's all going a bit far isn't it.
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