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Something Witty About A Bike

Hello again. I want to tell you about a new love in my life. A corker of a bike, a Pashley Britannia (good old Cycle to Work Scheme coming in handy for you there). Ten minutes or so and my commute to work is done, fifteen if I've over filled the basket and my bag bounces out cycling up a curb (actual event). 

Picking your stuff up off the street is a bad start to anyones day.

"Don't mind me, nothing to see here."

A quicker commute also means that I can afford to take a slightly different route to work. It's longer but means I can avoid a dodgy area which, according to a neighbourhood booklet, makes me statistically less likely to get stabbed and/or robbed. Splendid.

"Hand over my purse??" If you can catch up with me and my five gears pal... something I'd never say.

Anyway, these photos were taken last weekend when I headed off to the local market to pick up some fresh flowers and live my best clich├ęd life - embroidered floaty top included. The top is from Fragonard, a brand I only came across the other week in France, and is the perfect 'I'll wear that for all occasions' sort of top. It's also a candidate for eventual down grade to work wear, which is what I tell myself to ease the guilt of buying more clothes. Anyone else do this?

Known mainly for it's perfumes, Fragonard is run by a team of women directors and has some beautiful things. The clothing has a relaxed 'holidayey' feel to it (fashion writer I am not) but sadly isn't available to buy on-line as items are made in small quantities by craft workers. Bad news if you don't live in France, but good news if you're over that way and fancy picking up a lovely treat. Perfumes, cosmetics and a few other bits and bobs can be bought on-line - just fyi.

At the time I decided to mention this top, I didn't realise it wasn't available to buy on-line which unfortunately has left me sounding a little ... "look at my top yoooouuu can't get one." Apologies. 

Cycling home by the river, the sun was shining and I had a long weekend ahead of me. I found myself smiling at the sight of some swans landing on the water and thought to myself, Christ, your former vodka loving party going self would think you were a right tit.

It's funny isn't it, how the odd moment can make you realise it's not just the gears that have changed ... and that my friend is where I'll leave it for this week, with that outstanding bike related reference.

Thanks so much for reading.


Elaine x

P.S (A link to Pashley bikes if this post has tickled your pickle here)

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