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Too Soon To Say Goodbye ... To Tights

I got up ridiculously early, for a Saturday, so that I could pose outside the Empire Services Club without anyone thinking a) what the chuff is she doing and b) where in Gods name are her tights? The early bird catches the worm and all that. 

It was therefore disappointing to arrive at said Services Club to find a) a coach parked up and b) more people passing through Hartington Road than you'd expect in the early hours on a Saturday morning. I was tempted to sack off the "shoot" (if pleading with your fiancĂ© to take photos of you classes as a shoot), but, it seemed a shame to let my first bare legged outing of 2018 be ruined by fears that Lancashire isn't ready for wannabe style bloggers prancing about it's streets.

We decided to go ahead regardless and whipped out the camera, quickly, before it got any busier, or colder. The hooded gent who passed, with a pungent whiff of weed (think PepĂ© Le Pew) may after all think us a figment of his imagination, or at the very least, assume that I too must be under the influence to be without tights and posing on the pavement for photographs. 
Perhaps he'd forgive me a past time that may seem a touch vain. Or perhaps he wouldn't actually be all that bothered with what I'm doing, which was in actual fact how this story ended. Anti-climax though that may be.

Nobody that passed was all that bothered. While I was busy worrying about what someone else might think of me, someone else was busy with worries of their own. Nobody gave two hoots if I was loitering on double yellows or strutting past the Services Club. Nobody this morning had their thoughts on me, except for maybe a brief "look at that tit" and in the interests of sharing my outfit with you, I can live with that. 

Here's to caring less about what other people might think about you. 

Take Off Your Tights At Your Local Club - a new self help book coming soon. A joke, of course. 

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Thanks so much for reading.


Elaine x

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