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I'd like to start by asking what do you think of my blue steel?! Kudos to fashion bloggers for making what is definitely not easy look easy. 

I've tried something different from my usual content with this post, which I'm loosely branding as a style post, and do hope you enjoy it. I've toyed with the idea of doing a style post for a while but always talked myself out of it. The fear of being lolled at one can suppose.

Fashion graduate I am not, nor am I a natural in front of the camera but I do love clothes. A streak that caused my Dad to declare "NO MORE DRESSES" back in yonder year after he helped me move back home. It was at the end of what I'll call, a relationship faux pas, that culminated in an unplanned return home in my mid 20s. I remember Dads declaration vividly. The prospect must have scarred me.
Anyhoo, I religiously follow fashion blogs such as Ropes of Holland and Shot From The Street which are both highly addictive. If you don't follow them already you'll find effortlessly cool minimal style and a friendship that'd give Monica and Rachael a run for their money. (Thank you Netflix for showing the entirety of Friends!!)

Their blogs have inspired me to give fashion content a bash. You can still expect to find the usual travel and lifestyle musings on here, but in the interest of following what lights you up, there'll be style posts added to the mix too.

Fashion BlogMinimal Style Outfit

So, my outfit. I feel I need to explain the necklace. If you're not already familiar with the TCB logo (*shakes head) it stands for Taking Care of Business, the name of Elvis Presley's core rhythm band and a motto he adopted in the 1970s.
I'm a huge Elvis fan and my Christmas wish was for a delicate smaller version of the TCB necklace designed by Elvis and Priscilla. My other half kindly hunted this one down which was made by Lowell Hays, the chap who used to make Elvis's jewellery and using the original mold. *thumbs up emoji

It's a little bigger than I'd wanted and I did casually ask if I could return it (after a reasonable number of days had passed post December 25th) in exchange for a smaller one. Thanks to excessive importation costs I'm keeping it and to be truthful it's grown on me massively. Why not be a little bolder? Sure it's a little tongue in cheek but I love the sentiment. With a tendency to air on the over thinking side of life at times I find a TCB reminder comforting.

I paired everything else back to compensate for the necklace and wore this plain white over sized H&M jumper, straight leg River Island jeans and the most comfortable boots from &OtherStories. I have unbelievable problems finding boots that are comfortable so these are an absolute winner.

The quiff was legit a coincidence. 

Thank you so much for reading. I'd love to know what you thought of this post and if you'd like to see more style content on here?

I promise it won't all be Elvis related.

Everything is linked below:

Jumper - I can't find the white one on-line, I bought it recently from in store, but I've linked the grey version for you.
Belt - Similar
TCB Necklace

Elaine x

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