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I Made It To My Mecca (aka) Deliciously Ella's Deli

Deliciously Ella's Deli London

If you've read my blog before, it will come as no surprise to hear that I swear by Deliciously Ella's approach to eating well. I've said it before and I'll say it again, her recipes are delicious, packed with goodness and practical! No fad dieting, no depriving yourself of any enjoyment in your food and no spending most of your day in the kitchen preparing just one meal. Just simple recipes made using natural plant based ingredients. She's my good food guru if you will.

You'll find me in my Deliciously Ella recipe books at some point every week and I love them! If I'm pressed for time I'll whip up a batch of Raw Brownies (using just three ingredients!!) or if I've got a little longer, I'll try my hand at a Chocolate Ganache Cake. But, as man can't live off desserts alone, her easy weekday dinners have been a hit in our household too, with leftovers saved for work lunches. 

I've been dying to visit a Deliciously Ella Deli ever since the first one opened back in 2016, and on a recent trip to London I finally made it to my Mecca. 

Shoulder Pads & Bucket Bags

Guess whose back, back again... shoulder pads. Well not really. Not in an 80's power suit sort of a way, or at least I hope not. But a softer version seems to have made a revival, seeing that most of the blazers I've looked at recently have the little blighters included.

I usually put any clothes straight back on the rack the minute I feel any suspect cushioning, but this H&M blazer was an absolute bargain in the sale at £15!! so I asked myself, "what would Maggie Thatch do?" and I went for the pads.

TCB (Taking Care of Business)

I'd like to start by asking what do you think of my blue steel?! Kudos to fashion bloggers for making what is definitely not easy look easy. 

I've tried something different from my usual content with this post, which I'm loosely branding as a style post, and do hope you enjoy it. I've toyed with the idea of doing a style post for a while but always talked myself out of it. The fear of being lolled at one can suppose.

Fashion graduate I am not, nor am I a natural in front of the camera but I do love clothes. A streak that caused my Dad to declare "NO MORE DRESSES" back in yonder year after he helped me move back home. It was at the end of what I'll call, a relationship faux pas, that culminated in an unplanned return home in my mid 20s. I remember Dads declaration vividly. The prospect must have scarred me.

Why I'm Not Looking Too Far Ahead In 2018

Well here we are, January 1st 2018!! Happy New Year Everybody!

I hope you've had a lovely festive break however you chose to spend it. Mine was spent with (in no particular order) family, food and ahem my fiancé. I'm still getting used to saying fiancé, but what a lovely adjustment to be making. (I did NOT take my ring off to wash the pots and forget all about it the other evening. and yes I 'wash the pots' - hands that do dishes can be soft as your face. Think on.)

I love New Year for the way it naturally makes you feel all reflective, plus it's the perfect time to start planning for the year ahead and all that you'd like to achieve during it. I love a New Year's resolution but, like many others, come one week into January they're usually gone with the wind. Surpassed by thoughts of summer holidays and lighter nights that are on their way.

That's why this year I'm only attempting one resolution.

Don't look too far ahead...

Here's why.
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