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Postcards From Mallorca; Valldemossa & Deià

Valldemossa, Mallorca

I've been unintentionally absent from the blog a bit lately with a busy but fun October that left little time to sit and write. But like the prodigal blogger I am, it's lovely to be back.

One of my excuses for the radio silence was a wonderful long weekend in Mallorca with Oliver. (Is it Majorca or Mallorca?).

I had pre-conceived ideas of what to expect from the island stemming from a hen do in Magaluf many moons ago. Namely Brits abroad tucking into full English breakfasts washed down with pints of lager. A sight that's stayed with me and triggers indigestion just thinking about it.

While this cholesterol increasing scene may be expected of 'the strip' in Megamuf Magaluf, thankfully it couldn't be further from the truth in other parts of the island which are beautifully peaceful and idyllic.

Leaving Union Jack beach towels OUT of our luggage we spent three nights in the very beautiful Porta  Pollensa (more of that to come in a future post). We hired a car which gave us the flexibility to explore easily and put Valldemossa on our hit list. 

Wearing over sized sunglasses and being driven from one beautiful village to another is up there with my all time favourite past times.


The composer Frederic Chopin chose this town to recuperate in 1838 and I can see why. The winding streets of Valldemossa are filled with charm and are perfect for walking off the calories from the treats that aren't to be resisted from a choice of traditional family bakeries.

Blonde stone houses are lined with pretty plant pots and you're never far away from a beautiful view. We came across what was possibly a stone water butt, but seeing that others had tossed coins in we stopped to make a wish of our own. Bar the kid that stared at us, it was all very romantic. Assuming I featured in Olivers wish. Naturally he can't tell me orrrr it won't come true. 

Valldemossa is a small town but with a good choice of shops, cafes and restaurants, and a local market we weren't short of ways to fill an afternoon. If anything we would've liked to stay longer but with time against us it was a whistle stop visit. No, you've been looking at accommodation for 2018.

Nestled somewhere in this area I'm told that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have a home  which was last on the market for £34 million. I'm gonna need to make another wish.

The only down side to Valldemossa is the parking which can be a bit of a struggle but with somewhere this pretty what else can you expect. 

Views of Valldemossa, Mallorca.


Roughly a 20 minute drive from Valldemossa you'll find the most peaceful and picturesque coastal village of Deià. We visited on a whim purely because we saw it signposted and I'm so glad we did. Possibly the most tranquil place I've ever been to, I fell in love.

Situated at the foot of the Teix mountain, Deià is surrounded by gorgeous views of mountains to one side and blue seas to the other. 

Known as a hotspot for media moguls, attracted by it's delightfully blissful vibe, I understand now why a holiday accommodation search online brought up endless breathtaking villas. How's a gal supposed to find a one bed B&B in this village?

Alike Valldemossa, although small, there is still plenty to do with cafes, restaurants and galleries dotted about the quaint streets. The former home of the English poet and novelist, Robert Graves, is now a museum which we would've liked to visit but again we had little time.

We spent what time we had wandering, taking in the views and weighing up exactly where we'll be trying next year. I would love to visit a few restaurants and bars and share my top picks. Ahem, purely for your benefit!

Deià, you had me at 'millionaires hideaway.'

The village of Deià, Mallorca.


Thank you so much for reading. I hope it gives you a little inspiration for your wanderings next year.


Elaine x

*Goes to check if Cath's got her gaff on AirBnB*


  1. It looks beautiful and peaceful there. I think I'll have to put this place on my 'to go to' list :) Thank you for sharing - I love your photos!

    1. Ah thank you, that’s so kind of you to say! Really glad you enjoyed the post :) x


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