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Deliciously Ella's Warm Beet & Apple Juice

Hello hello! I promised you a more seasonal post didn't I. Something more befitting of chilly days and dark evenings, when parting with your dressing gown is that little bit harder and the urge to live off mulled wine alone is strong.

Well, I've been slipper sock clad and ferreting in the kitchen with my beloved Magimix making Warm Beet and Apple Juice from Deliciously Ella Everyday. 

The second of her recipe books, and every bit as good as the first. There's a reason why Deliciously Ella broke records for the fastest selling debut cookbook since records began. 

Her recipes are full of plant based goodness, easy to make and really do taste great. A lot of the same ingredients are used in her recipes so, once you've stocked up initially, you won't find yourself rushing out to health food stores splurging on over priced pulses every five minutes. I'd say you can buy 99% of the ingredients you'd need from supermarkets these days.

I'm a huge fan of Deliciously Ella and seeing as I shared a recipe from her first book here, I though it would be nice to try something from book numero duex also. Especially as her warm beet and apple juice is so easy to make and is a perfect sweet boost of goodness when you just can't shake off that cold or warm your toes (just me?)

Admittedly I'm not exactly hot off the press with this post, bearing in mind I got her third book last Christmas, but better late than never.

Warm Beet & Apple Juice

What You'll Need;

1 beetroot
3 carrots
2 apples

A juicer - if you haven't got one already I can vouch its worth the outlay for a good one. I have a Magimix which is a little on the pricey side and I feared it would be a fad, but I've had mine for a while now and use it all the time.


*Blink and you'll miss it

Peel the beetroot and put it through a juicer with the carrots and apples.
Gently heat the juice in a saucepan over a low heat for a few minutes. Transfer into a mug once the juice is warm but not boiling and enjoy!

Et Voila! How simple is that.

Super quick, delicious and good for you! 

Disclaimer: Peeling beetroot in a cream cable knit is a risky game. Peel at own risk.

My favourite thing about Deliciously Ella cookbooks are the fact that the recipes are "do-able" you won't find endless lists of ingredients that mean you'd have to quit your day job to find the time to make anything.

Instead you'll find quick and easy meals with minimal preparation time so that busy lives can still be healthy lives. 

I do slip from the healthy track from time to time, I'm a sucker for an egg custard tart and a cup of tea. A penchant for pastry that I blame on being a Lancashire Lass. 
On the whole I do try to maintain a balanced diet and eat well when I can. I try to avoid processed foods and refined sugar in particular. I swear when I'm on track and eat natural plant based foods for a good period of time I feel better for it and my skin starts to look better.

I suppose it's quite bad to admit that sometimes when I've lost my macha mojo and I'm knee deep in egg custard, its the prospect of lovely skin that gets me back on track.

If you fancy whipping up a Warm Beet & Apple Juice yourself you can find Deliciously Ella Everyday for sale here

Thanks so much for reading.

Love Elaine xx

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