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Why I'm Not Buying Frocks For A Month

As you read this post fashionistas are pounding the busy streets of Milan as fashion week is underway in good old Italiano. If you keep an eye on the social media channels of those stylish show goers lucky enough to be invited, you'll get an early look at what we'll all be lusting after soon enough.

Alternatively as you read this post, your gal over here will be pounding the busy streets of Preston, living La Dolce Vita in Lancashire. A phrase not commonly said. 

It's a far cry from the runway shows of Gucci and Giorgio Armani. More Morrisons than Moschino, but, for the month of September anyway, in my world, it's probably for the best. 

You see I'm at the tail end of a self inflicted fashion embargo. For 30 days to be exact, I'm forbidden from buying any new frocks. Or coats, shoes, tops, trousers, bags etc. Zero new clothes allowed. 
It's a garment orientated Lental sacrifice, just 6 months too late and 10 days too short. (Do I qualify for a halo?) 

Here's why.

Road Trip & The Best Until Last -Champagne

Vineyards in Champagne France

The final stop on our summer road trip was Epernay, situated in the Champagne region of France. Good for both quaffing Champagne and for taking your Facebook check-in up a notch.

Now between you and me, I don't have to cast my mind back all that far to remember summers gone by when I didn't make it on any summer holiday, due to having no chuffer to go with me (those summers when all your friends are whisked away by their fellas to get engaged in far off places while you mull over at what point between Gin and an androgynous dress code did you go wrong?) 

My point is I'm making up for lost time and summer in Champagne isn't a bad place to start.
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