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Road Trip - Second Stop Antwerp

Leaving Amsterdam we headed south to Antwerp, the second stop on our road trip and the diamond capital. Risky business taking your girlfriend of four years if you ask me but hey what do I know? 

It was quite the treat to check out of one hotel and head straight on over to the next. Something I could get used to (damn you restricted annual leave).

I'd never been to Antwerp before so we had plenty to go at for our two nights there. I've put together a few recommendations if you're heading there yourself, nudge nudge wink wink to the ladies who've been in relationships for a little while.

Road Trip - First Stop Amsterdam

Sometimes the first line of a blog post comes easily. Other times your mind is clogged with croissants, waffles and day time drinks, and in these cases the first line is harder to find. You see I've had my head blissfully in the clouds while on a road trip, concentrating only on which turning did iPhone Maps mean, that last one? and/or where shall we eat next then?

Without a clear plastic bag or weight restriction in sight, my liquids mingled nicely with my non liquid toiletries as we took the 35 minute crossing on the euro tunnel (blink and you're there) before driving on to our first stop. The land that maintains a satisfactory turnover for manufacturers of red neon lights. Amsterdam.
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