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Bath & Bradford-on-Avon - 2 Nights, 3 Woodlice & 1 Amuse-Bouche

Every photo has a story behind it. The one of me grinning inanely over a teacup and saucer like a proud Granny taken for a Sunday drive is no exception. 

Shortly before this photo was taken the unexpected scurry of a wood louse over the duvet of the bed in which I was laying called for a sudden scrap of a treasured lazy start to day. The second and third  appeared in short succession (one under the bathroom door and one under Oliver's foot - worse luck!!!) and prompted me to change in record speed - think Clark Kent in a phone box - and head out for a very early breakfast. It doesn't take a critter expert to know that when a wood louse becomes woodlice (plural) it's time to get the hell out of there.

And so we found ourselves in a cafe in Bradford-on-Avon at an ungodly hour (for a Sunday morning) taking a quick photo (ruddy millennials hey), while we waited for the clock to tick round until orders for breakfast were being accepted. As I said we were up early. I ordered a fried breakfast as a treat having already earned three stars for food in a round about way. No YOU watch to much ITV. 

I later learned that wet weather can encourage woodlice to make their presence known, which made sense considering the heavy downfall of rain we'd had over the weekend. Such is the peril of making your mini vacay a UK based one. 

On the plus side, wet weather meant that we made full use of a log burner, a bottle of red and a game of scrabble which incidentally is a lot harder than it looks. A long belief that I'm reasonably good at English called into question after being defeated by the word 'cab.'

Oliver and I spent two nights in the heart of Bradford-on-Avon in an AirBnB retro haven of a studio. Our boutique digs were perfectly equipped with wood burner, kitchenette, kingsize bed, off street parking, private courtyard and free wifi (do not reset your entire phone in an attempt to connect to wifi. I repeat do not reset your entire phone). 

I loved our temporary home so it was a shame to leave at the end in lightning speed after a yelp of horror x3 although perhaps a wood louse or two is to be expected in a rural home?

Bradford-on-Avon is a postcard pretty town with Georgian tea rooms, scenic river spots and a bigger choice of pubs and restaurants than you'd expect. It's quieter than Bath and personally I preferred it as a base for a more peaceful weekend getaway. Don't get me wrong Bradford-on-Avon still attracts the visitors but picture couples strolling as opposed to coaches filled with tourists.

Bath is only a short train ride away, 15 minutes max, so it's ideally located if you're planning to explore the two which is precisely what we did.


The 'occasional' break in the rain clouds meant that we did get to appreciate at least some of Bath's honey coloured stone buildings under blue skies. We spent Saturday taking in the Georgian architecture as we wandered down Royal Crescent, on to Bath Abbey and the site of the Roman baths. 

Although we decided not to take a dip in the Baths this time it remains on my bucket list along with become good friends with someone who has a house on Royal Crescent. 
The day saw us have more than one pit stop in Bath's endless choice of pretty cafes and bars and, encouraged by the rain, pop in a few shops. We may have bought the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack on vinyl. Something that until recently I wouldn't have admitted on here but thanks to Barry Gibbs recent Glastonbury gig it's acceptable to confess that you like the Bee Gees now. Isn't it?!

We rounded the day off with dinner at Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen a modern restaurant with food to die for. We aren't vegetarian but I do love a wholesome plant based meal, which tastes a lot better than you'd imagine.

The most delicious amuse-bouche I've ever had was followed by Garlic Dhal with Onions and Fried Rice Fritters, and for dessert White Chocolate Panna Cotta with poached beetroot, blood orange, cinder toffee and light beetroot ice cream. Yes beetroot icecream. Oddly satisfying.

If you only take one thing from this post let my recommendation that you dine at Acorn be it... orrr watch out for Woodlice when it's wet.

On a side note I suspect I left my brolly in Acorn.  The realisation of which only ever hits when the next rain shower does. Long may the theme of Granny on a day trip recur. 

If anything has tickled your pickled links are below:

Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen here
Pit stop at Picnic Coffee (as seen in the second photo) here
Our digs, although we found them via AirBnb can also be found directly here

Thank you so much for reading. You can expect a bit of radio silence on here next week as I'm off on a road trip to Europe, I must stop buying holiday clothes, but I'll be about as usual on Instagram here and Twitter here

See you on the flip side #prayforsun

Elaine x x

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