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Bath & Bradford-on-Avon - 2 Nights, 3 Woodlice & 1 Amuse-Bouche

Every photo has a story behind it. The one of me grinning inanely over a teacup and saucer like a proud Granny taken for a Sunday drive is no exception. 

Shortly before this photo was taken the unexpected scurry of a wood louse over the duvet of the bed in which I was laying called for a sudden scrap of a treasured lazy start to day. The second and third  appeared in short succession (one under the bathroom door and one under Oliver's foot - worse luck!!!) and prompted me to change in record speed - think Clark Kent in a phone box - and head out for a very early breakfast. It doesn't take a critter expert to know that when a wood louse becomes woodlice (plural) it's time to get the hell out of there.

And so we found ourselves in a cafe in Bradford-on-Avon at an ungodly hour (for a Sunday morning) taking a quick photo (ruddy millennials hey), while we waited for the clock to tick round until orders for breakfast were being accepted. As I said we were up early. I ordered a fried breakfast as a treat having already earned three stars for food in a round about way. No YOU watch to much ITV. 

Sunnies & A Summer City Break

Ray-Ban New Gatsby Sunglasses

This post is brought to you at the tail end of a weekend break in the beautiful City of Bath. I'd never been before so Oliver and I set aside two days to eat our way round explore the picturesque streets lined with honey coloured stone buildings and endless pretty coffee shops. Give me a selection of homemade cakes, serve me tea in a pretty cup and I'm all yours.

I Didn't Mean To Dress Like Julie Andrews & The Perfect Country Pub

The hills are alive with the sound of "quick take it before somebody comes." Yesterday I donned a summer frock, inadvertently dressing as Julie Andrews, and headed to the Forest of Bowland for pretty views and a slap up lunch ... after a few quick photos and asking Oliver to hold my stuff while I climbed over a gate that he then opened and walked through. You can take the girl out of Preston, but you can't take the Preston out the girl.

We'd had our sights set on the Inn at Whitewell since Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon paid it a visit on The Trip and thankfully it lived up to the hype. In fact it's exactly what you'd expect from a rural inn, traditional, homely and unspoiled.
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