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A Toilet, a Tap & a Tarn - Camping at Tarn Foot Farm Ambleside

I don't know what it is at the moment but I've got very itchy feet, of the non-literal kind. If I had my way I would be checking into a new hotel every other week (staying at home the week in-between to  keep myself grounded and put a wash on - I'm not the rinsing my smalls in a sink kind).

There are only two small things preventing this life of excess, work and funding it. Coincidentally however it was while at work that I over heard some office chatter about a new tent and an idea struck. We should go camping. Cheap as chips and only an hours drive to the picturesque Lake District.

Googling campsites we found Tarn Foot Farm in Ambleside, advertising all the amenities one would need for a night under the stars. A toilet, a tap and a tarn. Sold!

The camp site was just slightly off the beaten track, enough to feel cut off from the real world but not so much that you'd feel unsafe. Surrounded by woodlands and hills the site was perfectly nestled in a beautiful spot just a three minute walk from Loughrigg Tarn. 

We spent an afternoon picnic blanket lazing by the side of the tarn while the topic of conversation was mainly the weather!! A heatwave! What are the chances? We spent a peaceful few hours dipping in and out of the tarn and our cool box. 

The farm is located a 40 minute walk from the centre of Ambleside, so we headed down early evening and found our way to the Water Edge Inn for lake side fizz until the sun set. A word to the wise, everything in Ambleside shuts at 11pm on the dot so don't, as we did, expect to grab a late night bite to eat before heading back to camp.

The camp site also encourages everyone to settle down by 11pm with no loud music or bbqs permitted after this time. Keeps the riff raff out I suppose and fairly lets everyone settle down for a proper nights kip with only the rustle of the leaves in the trees to be heard (and the sizzle of some midnight sausages being rustled up as quietly as possible by a pair that really did want that late night bite to eat. You'd be surprised how much a sausage sizzles when you're trying to cook it in secret).

Although basic on the amenities front, if a night under the stars in beautiful surroundings floats your boat I can't recommend this site enough. For £3 per person plus £2 per car I can't knock it. It's an absolute hidden gem, helped by the heatwave I'm sure, but it really was a perfect getaway even if just for a night.

On top of beautiful surroundings my favourite Lakeland cafe and shop, Chesters By The River, is only a 10 minute walk away at Skelwith Bridge. Think artisan breads, cook books and Orla Kiely kitchen ware. You will not leave empty handed.

There isn't a direct website for Tarn Foot Farm that I can link you to but if you search it on-line various bits and pieces pop up should you feel that way inclined. If you decide to visit yourself do put the postcode into your sat nav or you'll be driving for days... Tarn Foot Farm, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9HF.

The Lake District has always been a day trip destination for me with it being relatively close to home, so staying for the night was lovely. It felt like a right treat to be sat waters edge while the hustle and bustle of day tripping tourists faded and the summer sky turned to pink. Basic but beautiful.

Thanks so much for reading.

Elaine xx

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