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The Bloggers Market

Sequined dress at The Bloggers Market
Well hello. How's the week been treating you? Hope you're all loving the lighter nights (finally) yes to having what can remotely be called a social life mid week again. 

I wanted to tell you about last weekend and my jaunt to London for #TheBloggersMarket, also known as a chance to rummage through AND SHOP the wardrobes of some preeetty exciting bloggers. 

If the get-up of regular hosts KristabelCarrieOlivia, and Lucy, doesn't entice you, firstly, is everything ok? and secondly, worry not, because bloggers ReemKim, and Zoe joined the hosts in flogging their wares.

A bit of Bloggers Market twitter fuss during previous years had left me with a tinge of FOMO so this year, for it's fourth year, I vowed to pay a visit. Shopping for pre-loved goodies in a pastel paradise and the proceeds go to chosen charities! 

Bloggers shop at the Bloggers Market

Red Shoes for sale at The Bloggers Market
My greatest fear at any blogging event is having to stand around awkwardly while working out which facial expression conveys 'hey I really enjoy standing around on my own everything's cool over here guys' but also 'please someone chat to me soon and saaaave me.' 

There was none of this at The Bloggers Market (phew) with high end goodies up for grabs or bargains starting from 50p there ain't no time to be stood anywhere awkwardly. 

My younger Brownie going self could've ticked off 'joining in badge' after signing up on the door for a marbling workshop with PupTart and a bullet journaling workshop with Ghenet from Ghenet Actually Blog, which included a stationery lovers Ohh deer goodie bag of dreams. 

The free notebook inducing shrieks in that room where real my friend and I'm not judging a.n.y.o.n.e

It was lovely to try something different and a brilliant way to get chatting. I met some lovely gals at the event, and not all of them bloggers, but that's another great thing about The Bloggers Market, it's inclusive of everyone.

Add a Boudoir Parlour mini manicure, Nix and Six refreshments, which I've only just discovered are made with no refined sugars, and all in all it was a blady good day. 

Such a nice event, a really good idea and, wait for it, completely free to attend! ... unless a pair of pre-loved Chanel loafers catch your eye! Now remember, proceeds go to charity!! 

Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed a nosey inside #TheBloggersMarket  

Did you go? Buy anything exciting? Btw if there are any 'don't miss' blogging events that you'd recommend feel free to holler in the comments below. Do any happen in the North?

Elaine x

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