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A Weekend In Berlin

Soda magazine shop in Berlin

Sit yourself down and make way for a lovely little cliché of an opener ... Guten tag mein freund! Yep, I think that worked well. 

'A Weekend In Berlin' is brought to you by one frauline who celebrated turning 33 years young by swanning off to Berlin for two nights with one significant other. As with most city breaks there was a lot we hoped to see in a short space of time so comfy shoes and spare change for currywurst was the order of the day.

The Bloggers Market

Sequined dress at The Bloggers Market
Well hello. How's the week been treating you? Hope you're all loving the lighter nights (finally) yes to having what can remotely be called a social life mid week again. 

I wanted to tell you about last weekend and my jaunt to London for #TheBloggersMarket, also known as a chance to rummage through AND SHOP the wardrobes of some preeetty exciting bloggers. 

If the get-up of regular hosts KristabelCarrieOlivia, and Lucy, doesn't entice you, firstly, is everything ok? and secondly, worry not, because bloggers ReemKim, and Zoe joined the hosts in flogging their wares.
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