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The Ultimate Comfort Food - Dr. Oetker Pud In A Mug

Dr. Oetker Sticky Toffee Pud In A Mug

Have you ever had the bright idea that you'll do a spot of home baking and started tearing away at parchment paper with reckless abandon, happy as Larry for the first five minutes until you reach ... the baking point of no return?

You're half way through creaming the butter and sugar, with eggs still to beat and flour that won't sift itself. It all needs folding together with a large metal spoon until a mixture of dropping consistency forms, but, the only thing dropping is you. As for the washing up that's still to be done, that's a whole other ball game.

Book Giveaway - Everything That Remains

"It's a dark apartment, stocked with brand new furniture and my own sullen disbelief. My mother's death still hangs in the air around me, and now, during the same month, my six year marriage is ending. Shit. Looking around, it's hard to determine which way is up. 
But even while Rome is burning, there's somehow time for shopping at IKEA."

You know that feeling you get when you buy new clothes, not the excitement while you're picking them out and trying them on, but that feeling you get the minute you walk away from the till with your new purchase(s) in tow, that slow sinking feeling. 
It rears it's head seconds before you start justifying why you needed the top/dress/skirt/bag/all of the above, and rains all over your 'shiny new things' parade?
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