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How To Spend A Day In Liverpool

Well hello there. What a windy week that was. How are your toupees after Dorothy's visit? Still in tact? I do hope so.

Dozza might well have blown the roof off the local train station (or blown a small part of it loose) but she didn't get in the way of a day exploring the city that gave us, and in no particular order, the Fab Four, The Grand National, Cilla Black, and the courage to leave the house on Saturdays with our hair still in curlers. Yes, I went to Liverpool.

Here's how I reckon you could, if you felt that way inclined, spend a day in Scouseland... (lah) 

Your Morning: 
Blow the cobwebs out of your hair and take a stroll along the front, from the Liver Building down to the Albert Dock. Stop for an obligatory photo by The Beatles statue and wander on for a second obligatory photo by the statue of Billy Fury (this one mainly so you can send it to your Mum/Gran - delete as appropriate)

Liverpool was always a family favourite for a Sunday run out in our house. Tin foiled sandwiches in tow, more often than not eaten in the car. With fond memories of sandwiches quality family time, I still enjoy a good wander round the docks. 

You could quite easily spend the whole day there if Museums, The Beatles Story or The Tate Gallery tickle your pickle. The Museums are free to enter as well which is delightful if you have little nippers to entertain and don't want to blow the budget.

Take only your bravest nippers to The Pier Masters House though. I swear, and my Mum will back me up on this, that we encountered ghostly happenings in the main bedroom. On one particular visit  we were going round the house twice (don't judge, it was probably raining and I told you, it's free) and on entering the main bedroom an alarm sounded ...on both visits...AND... my Mums earring fell out.

There's an argument for both sides here. Supernatural goings on in a building steeped in history or leaning too far over a guide rope wearing cheap earrings? As I say, there's two sides.

A Bite To Eat: 
Finish your morning with a ten minute walk into Liverpool City centre for a bite to eat at Salt House Tapas. Have a leisurely lunch with three tapas dishes and crusty bread for £12.95 each and further debate why there's every possibility that you DID receive a message from the 'other side' in the Pier Masters House. We had 'Hare of the Dog' alcohol free cocktails, good if wine at lunch time renders you useless for the afternoon.

Retail Therapy:
After refuelling spend the afternoon enjoying a spot of retail therapy at the Liverpool One shopping complex. Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar, Michael Kors, Fred Perry, Urban Outfitters and Flannels are all at hand to give you and your flexible friend some direction.

John Lewis has a Joe & The Juice tucked away in one of it's corners, perfect if, like me, you feel weak when you shop. The excitement and the traipsing can take it out of you.

We rounded our day off with dinner at Hanover Street Social. Stylish and cosy interiors with good food and a Gin bar. Need I say more?

I had mozzarella and beetroot salad with blood orange to start, followed by roasted chicken breast with pomme puree, caramelised baby leaks, pine nuts and raisins. Which is funny really because that's exactly what I would've rustled up if we'd have had dinner at home. Well it would've been exactly that orrr something else.

As I say, there's two sides to every story.

I would've liked to have made it to see the recently unveiled statue of Cilla Black but time wasn't on our side. Cilla was always a guilty pleasure of mine. Even through my teen years when I hid her CD so no friends would find it. I hid it, but I still knew where it was.

I'll put Cilla on the list for next time.

Thanks so much for reading. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

Elaine x

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