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The Problem With Blogging Anonymously

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This post is brought to you by a gal whose preferred position at dance class was back row right hand side. At a push I could probably tap spring on the left hand side too, but always back row.

A gal who, at Primary school, was reluctant to draw the attention of the entire class by putting her hand up and asking could she please go for a wee. So reluctant that she didn't bother, and just crossed her legs and bobbed about on her plastic chair a bit. 
*side note, if you need a wee always put your hand up and ask, it's more couth than fetching the mop 

It shouldn't have come as a surprise then, that when I started this blog, I decided I would write anonymously. Not Your Nine To Five would be my creative outlet, but my name and face would remain firmly off it's pages. 

I never realised at the time that the shy girl who did have to dip into the school's bag of spare knicks (genius idea albeit a bit gross) still lurked within. 

I had a whole host of reasons for blogging anonymously that had nothing to do with joining the self doubter bus and worrying that my blog would be, well,  a bit shit.

My reasons included...

Anonymity would allow me the chance to write freely about any topic that should happen to tickle my fancy. I would have more creative freedom if I didn't need to worry about Mr Jones down the road reading about my all and sundries. 

This way my blog would never interfere with my professional life either. Is it appropriate for the whole of HR to know how much I once spent at Agent Provocateur? Probably not.

The whole focus of my blog would be the words I write and not some snazzy selfies. If someone can sit and enjoy a photo-less book, then hopefully they should be able to enjoy reading a blog without my mush splashed across it.

And so I blogged.

Hitting publish for the first few times when you start a blog is scary, even as an anonymous blogger. But by keeping my name off it didn't matter, as much, if people liked my posts or not. Nobody would know it was me behind them. (Nobody apart from all the people who knew me and figured it out anyway)

I'm a couple of years into blogging now and have noticed a problem with doing it anonymously. 

The safe distance that I've built between myself and Not Your Nine To Five is also a distance between  myself and the reader. It's harder for people to relate when they have no way of knowing who you are. 

The whole beauty of blogging is that feeling of reliability. That feeling of getting to know a blogger, that friend feeling. 

It's a lot harder to build that friendship when you're busy hiding. 

The blogs that I love and read regularly are my favourites because of the bloggers behind them. I love looking at their photos and watching their youtube channels. I started to wonder why exactly I had been so reluctant to put my mush on mine?

There's another problem. The awkwardness of blogger events when nobody recognises you. Explaining why you don't include any photos of yourself can make you seem a bit odd. Here I am socialising at events, getting to know other bloggers all the while still hiding online. 

Blogging anonymously, for me, started to not make sense.

I want to write real and relatable blog posts. I want to tell anyone who might happen to read my blog don't worry too much, don't be afraid to be yourself, basically it's ok if you've ever pissed in your thunder crackers. But how can I do that when I'm too embarrassed to get my own mush out there?

The short answer... it's tricky.

Call it New Year New Me if you like but I've decided that I'm not lurking behind anonymity anymore. Do you know what? It feels delightful.

Get me centre stage in a leotard and a sequinned bowler hat. Im ready to tap spring. No actually on second thoughts, scrap that. I'll never be ready for that.

Thanks so much for reading. I'd love to know in the comments below if you blog anonymously and what your experience of it has been? 

Love Elaine x

P.S my gigs are a bit Gru from Despicable Me aren't they? Snazzy no?


  1. Love this! How brave, well done :)

    Rachael xx.

  2. Hello Elaine, I loved this post, as I blog under a pseudonym and don't include any photos of me in my blog. Maybe one day I'll feel able to let people know about my blog, but until then it's just my little space on the internet.

    1. Hello there! Well I'm definitely Team What's Right For You At The Time! You can write more freely when you feel a bit protected can't you. I hope your blog is a roaring success, face plastered on it or no face plastered on it 👍🏼
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment x


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