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January - You Win!

January, the bleakest month of the calendar year.

Take the aftermath of overspending and excessive eating throughout Christmas, couple it with cold dark nights and a bout of the lurgy that you can't quite shift and hey presto, hello January blues. 

You've probably already read a fair amount of tips on how to beat said January blues. From meeting up with good friends for a lunch date, to booking a holiday to sunnier climates (assuming you'll be more optimistic about your credit card bill when the nights are lighter?) And if these don't do the trick why not treat yourself to a bath bomb, run a long hot bath and stay in there until February?

I was going to pen a similar list, mine including treat yourself to a pair of pyjamas for all that sofa sitting while you binge watching Father Ted reruns. (anyone else?) and yes, bath bombs. Copious amounts of bath bombs.

In fact it I was preparing to trial the long hot bath method, with my Lush Tisty Tosty bath bomb (Christmas present) at the ready, when the hot water broke and subsequently I lost all faith in my own survival guide.

Sure you can have a Netflix documentary night. Blackfish, Amanda Knox and Searching for the Sugarman are my suggestions, but what about the other 30 days/nights left?

What if heading to your local art gallery and loitering by the cacti doesn't float your boat? What then?

Maybe browse the January sales? Although this can be a risk high situation for someone trying to tighten the purse strings. I came away with two non-sales frocks. One pictured.

You can of course always try your hand at that hobby you've been fancying for a while and Zumba your way through January. But, there'll be those of you who fill with dread at the thought of the rhythm that IS going to get you. For you, why not take the measure I took yesterday? As a last resort in search of entertainment I went goldfish shopping.

Remember, it's January. Things are sent to try you. Shocked at the price of fish tanks (£100 for a classic round one) I came home with two meat and potato pies instead.

My vow to eat only healthy foods in 2017 forgotten, I squirted brown sauce on my M&P (meat and potato - which is categorically NOT a euphemism) and decided maybe it was for the best we didn't get a goldfish?  

Me: Are goldfish happy in tanks?
Oliver: Well they only have a short memory so they're not bothered.
Me: So they don't have a self of sense then?
Oliver: Well no.
Me: So is that a blessing or a curse?
Oliver: Well if you're in a tank all day it's a blessing.
Me: Would they be happier in the wild? Are there gold fish in the wild?
Oliver: *thinks about it* I'm not sure.

I can't say I have a credible January blues survival guide and, I can't say if there are gold fish in the wild (I could Google it but that's what January wants) ... I can tell you, and with certainty, that you don't need to worry. February is just around the corner. See you there!

Love Elaine x 

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