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The Harris Museum Open Exhibition

I wandered into Preston City centre to see if I could return some boots that had been cutting my feet to ribbons all week. The shop assistant stopped me in my tracks when I tried to speak, refused a refund and told me to ring customer services if I still had a problem. 

I did still have a problem. I had two of them, wrapped in Elastoplasts. I rang customer services but their "lines are currently being upgraded" and wasn't able to speak to anyone.

And so there I found myself, with rising blood pressure and the type of regret you only feel after trying to get your feet out in a high street store.

With no particular place to be, I decided I'd pay a visit to The Harris Open Exhibition. With a pair of unwanted boots slung on my back I made my way there. 

The Harris Open is held annually, showcasing the work of local artists. The exhibition invites artists from any background, of any age and any level to submit their work for display. And the best bit, most pieces are available to buy.

I could feel my blood pressure returning to normal the moment I stepped foot in The Harris. What had looked to be a stressful day was starting to be rescued.

I wandered round the exhibition and, weighed down with my bags, stopped to take a seat for a little while. I sat by chance in front of piece number 300, and read the painted words...

In winters age
To feel no chill,
To be with you
Is to be lovely still

I flicked through the catalogue curious to find it's title... "My Wife - Advanced Alzheimers" by Chris Tattersall.

I was so struck by the painting that I sat there a little longer. I decided I wanted to share the exhibition, and this painting in particular with you. I'll be honest, sitting here now I'm struggling to write exactly why because I can't think of any words that do justice to quite how beautiful a piece it is. That's the beauty of art isn't it. What a gift to be able to convey a feeling when words alone won't do.

The Harris Open is running until January 07th 2017. It's a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Christmas shops. Take ten minutes away from fighting to get the half price gift wrap and give yourself a gentle reminder that a refused refund on a pair of boots really isn't all that big a deal.

Thanks so much for reading x x

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