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I Will Learn To Contour & Other Life Changing Resolutions

Well hello there. Happy New Years Eve! 

I hope you had a marvellous Christmas and that you've got something lovely lined up to see in 2017. I'm celebrating with Oliver and our families. In fact tonight will be the first time my Mum meets his. In nervous anticipation I've done my makeup five hours too early. 

On the plus side I now have a bit of spare time on my hands to sit down and write this post. A post I've been mulling over as I couldn't decide how I wanted to approach a New Years post.

I was going to go for the tried and tested list of resolutions that I'll have broken by February, but when I started jotting down my list, I'll be honest, I bored myself. 
Does anyone really want to hear how often I'm planning to go to the gym (once a week) or how I'm going to get back into a refined sugar free diet (chia seeds, avocados blah blah blah) ?

Will anyone be interested in my hopes to board a plane without having to chomp on Phenergans or how I want to visit a hot country without fainting next year? Probably not.

Will you have glazed over by the time I vow to shop at The Kooples more often and pledge to stop looking at my fella's ex on Instagram? Probably yes.

It was then that I had a little brainwave. I would ask Oliver to decide my resolutions and vice versa! 

My first for him? Don't put your socks in the washing basket inside out.

His first for me? Step up my dusting regime and wear stockings once a month (while dusting).

Specific, but unlikely, on both parts.

His and Hers resolutions wasn't going to work either.

While I don't blame anyone for taking the opportunity to make a few resolutions. It's natural to reflect when the clock strikes midnight on the final day of another year so why not set yourself a few goals for the year ahead?

For me though, this year anyway, I'm not going to make any...

(except for contouring, I really want to learn how to contour

and hiding my mush when I'm blogging? I'm sacking off anonymity).

For the first time in a long time, the New Year is going to land and I'm quite happy with my lot. Now that's not intended to sound smug or showy. Let me balance it out with a NYE of yesteryear.

I didn't have a jot of a plan. I checked my diary and it said diddly squat. With all my friends coupled up and busy I settled down for a night in, alone. As midnight loomed, boredom got the better of me. Casting aside Candy Crush, I text an old boyfriend and wished him Happy New Year. I could hear fireworks in the distance as people celebrated and the reply came through, "Stop texting me."

Allllrighty then.  

Now I've shared this tale of desperado to make a point ... If this New Year doesn't look to be shaping up as you'd hoped it would, don't sweat it, there'll be a bloody marvellous one ahead. I can feel it.

Happy New Year pussycats. Thank so much for reading.

Now, who is going to tell my neighbour that he has subsidence? Me or you?? xxxx

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