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Should Your Mum Read Your Blog?

I haven't written a blog post in a while. In the interests of blogging best practice I'm led to believe that you should keep any such gaps on the down low. There's always the chance no-one has noticed and you might just get away with it. The first rule of Blog Club is: you DO NOT talk about Blog Club... or words to that effect.

And so without further ado ... let's discuss ... Should Your Mum Read Your Blog?

A few weeks ago I wrote about a decision I'd made to leave my job. I was ready for a change and the world was my Oyster. I was hell bent on following my dreams... to a different desk in a different office... but still a change was afoot. 

I sat down and wrote about stage one of 'The Change'. Not THAT change, but 'The Change'.

With hindsight I might have slipped into using Not Your Nine To Five as a diary and a free form of therapy. In the interests of a good read I merrily typed about my personal situation and hit Publish. 

Tinkering on the brink of over sharing, I was hidden under an anonymous guise and didn't really care all that much. 

The next day my phone rang. I answered, knowing what was coming.

Dad: "Hello, how are things?"

Me: "Good thanks, blah blah blah..."

Dad: "And how's everything else?"

Me: "Everything else is good thanks" ... I waited. Dad's NEVER phone just to chat do they. 

Dad: "I'm just thinking about how you have to be careful about what you put in writing"

Me: "Mum's spoken to you about my post hasn't she?"

Dad: "No, of course not." .... Blatantly had. That's a team for you right there.

If amateur dramatics are your bag that would've been your perfect time to tap the lines. I refused to 'censor my writing'... until I re-read what I'd written and thought "oh shit yeah, that's a bit unprofessional." It's a small world after all and it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this blog belonged to me, if you knew me!

Unwittingly and painfully, I clicked Revert To Draft and started wondering should I remove my own Mother from my subscribers list?

Here's the dilemma:

Your Mum will always be your number one fan. She'll have been the first to head to your site when you told her you'd started a blog. (Immediately after you've explained what a blog is). 

She'll read each and every post without fail. 

No-one will follow your blog more loyally than your Mum, and therein lies the problem. No-one will pay more attention to what you write and subsequently worry on your behalf. My sister, about 20 years ago, once ripped a page out of a library book. I mentioned this in a post. My Mum worried the police might get involved.  

She's a lady that's always maintained, Be Careful What You Put In Writing. 

There is of course truth to this. Once something's been shared on the good old world wide web there's no going back. 

Will you at some point regret what you've written? By writing about it, are you immortalising a past that might resurface and bite you on the bum? Have you checked before you write, how long exactly do people serve for stealing a page from a library book, over 20 years ago, from a library that's now closed down? Possibly due to costs incurred from stolen pages.

What's a gal to do then when her favourite hobby is writing on a personal lifestyle blog? How do you find a balance between sharing your 'real' story and keeping your Mum's blood pressure down? 

If you censor your work you risk loosing the emotion behind it. You risk loosing the reality that inspired it. I doubt E. L James flung a first draft of 50 Shades Of Grey in her Mother's direction for a quick once over. Pun intended.

I've decided that I won't remove my most loyal reader from my subscribers list, nor will I write to avoid any concerned telephone calls. 

I will instead adopt a strategy that I found in an on-line discussion about what to do when your Mum brings up something she's read in your diary...

"If she brings something up just say, "No, that's not for discussion. How's Aunt Winifred?"

Considering I don't have an Aunt Winifred I think she'll get the picture. 

It's important to remember that if your Mum doesn't gasp at your memoirs then something's amiss. However, be mindful about what you write... 'Will I regret sharing this? Will I end up serving time? How the hell IS Aunt Winifred? 

Thanks so much for reading. I'd love to know if you've ever ended up in trouble over something you've written?

It's lovely to be back :) xx

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  1. Great post. It is definitely a good idea to think about how you write online for everyone to see, and I have the same thoughts!

    x caroline


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