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Loving Franz Ferdinand & Other Signs Of A Noughties Indie Girl

Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures Album TShirt

What does Babyshambles mean to you? A refreshing sparkling perry or a band that you simultaneously loved and worried for their well-being? If it's the latter, this post is for you...

I watched Oasis: Supersonic this week, a documentary about the rise of, you guessed it, Oasis, and had flashbacks to my own meagre dalliance with the world of rock. 

Joining a band, sell-out gigs, crystal meth fuelled fallouts. Ahh those where the days... that I didn't have any of. I did however start wearing converse, cut the sleeves off a few band tees and looked immediately for a boyfriend with long hair.

Did someone say booze, boys and bands? Goodbye low cut pink tops from Morgan, and hello Joy Division Tops. Cliché? Moi? Never!

Kick back and flick through your copy of NME right AFTER you've read ... The Tell Tale Signs You Were An Indie Girl In The Noughties ...

* You felt way too uncomfortable to class yourself as Indie

* You fancied a bloke(s) purely because of his longer than the norm barnet... (not to be confused with fancying all blokes who have longer than the norm hair)

* An excellent selection of Fred Perry clothing alone made a bloke an eligible bachelor

* Your mates classed any guy in any band as "your type"

* Still though, you wouldn't mind going out with a guy in a band

* Bands, bands, bands, you loved to watch a good band

* You wished you'd had the chance to watch Joy Division live but settled with the film Closer, several times

* You were distraught when you heard The Cooper Temple Clause had split up

* The more worn out your Converse the more credibility you had

* You went through a phase, a short phase, of buying badges

* You started buying Vinyl and overlooked the inconvenience of getting up and turning your records over

* You started buying clothes from vintage shops despite that smell, the smell of attic, that never quite leaves a piece of vintage clothing.

* You contemplated learning to play the guitar

* You never imagined the likes of Franz Ferdinand and The Kooks would come to nothing

* You dated a guy even though he was, how do the French say??... a right dick, because he looked the part and liked the same music as you

* You forgave a not subtle fondness for Class As and decided Pete Doherty was a good catch (I blame Kate Moss)

* You bought tickets to watch Pete Doherty but he never showed up (see aforementioned fondness for Class As)

* You daydreamed about throwing in the towel at University, and your weekend job while you were at it, and becoming a groupie

* You drank a lot (not specific to Indie girls)

* Guys on nights out were friendly - the girls were not

* Maaaany a Saturday night ended with The Stone Roses, I Am The Resurrection and rightly so

Not all of the above was a passing phase. I love me a good Fred Perry top. Designed to last you see. And most Saturdays you can find my Conversed feet trotting off for a big shop. Still got it haven't I. Still bloody got it! 👍

Thanks so much for reading. Let me know in the comments if I've missed out any corkers.

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