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Glamping at Samlesbury Hall

My boyfriend once said I wasn't very "outdoorsy." He wasn't a million miles from the truth, but still, I took offence.  I forget which activity I was trying to worm my way out of at the time the accusation was slung, although paddle boarding springs to mind. 

Well, to celebrate his birthday this year I booked a surprise night camping glamping in The Shepherds Hut Hamlet at Samlesbury Hall. Who's not outdoorsy now?

I managed to keep the location of our night away a secret right until the very last minute when someone gave the game away...

"Starting route to Samlesbury Hall" 

Cheers for that IPhone Maps guy.

Considering we'd been graced with the presence of Storm Angus early last week I was a little apprehensive about how a night in a hut, in November, would pan out. Advertised as cosy in the winter, I packed extra bedding just in case... "Happy Birthday, sorry about the hypothermia"... and booked a camp fire kit as an optional extra.

Nestled in the grounds of Samlesbury Hall, the huts are tucked away on the perimeter amongst the trees. I'll be honest it was a little chilly when we first arrived, but perhaps that's to be expected this time of year. We were shown how to work the heating and it ended up a toasty little haven.

The hut we stayed in was kitted out with two comfy double beds, bedding and snugly throws, tea and coffee making facilities and an en-suite including hot shower, towels and toiletries. It also had the added luxury of plug sockets, and a table and chairs. I could get used to this wilderness malarkey.

We ate at Mezzo, an Italian restaurant a short walk from Samlesbury Hall and strolled back to our hut that night clutching the lantern provided. The Hall is closed if a wedding's being held so it's worth having a quick check on-line when you book. When everything's open there's a restaurant, coffee shop, museum and gift shop to go at.

But back to stumbling to our hut. We got the camp fire going, 'we' meaning Oliver, and whiled the night away huddled together, gazing at the stars. Well we whiled a portion of the night away until we retreated to the warmth of our hut and cracked open some Champers. It's November people.

We slept soundly unaware that we might not have been completely alone. Samlesbury Hall is well known as one of the most haunted places in Britain. A fact I knew before we spent the night in it's grounds. I didn't know however that 'The White Lady' Lady Dorothy Southworth who died of a broken heart, has been seen, and I quote, "on many occasions" within the hall and it's grounds!!  

I can't say we witnessed any unusual goings on during our stay, thank the lord, other than my camera randomly stopped working for a little while. Paranormal activity or too much fizz? You decide. 

We rounded off our stay with a welcomed Full English Breakfast in the hall itself sat by a roaring fire. 

If you fancy something a bit different Do have a look at a night in a Shepherds Hut here but Don't search YouTube for Samlesbury Hall Ghosts before you go. 

Thanks so much for reading. If you've any suggestions of fun and different getaways send them my way xx

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