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The Blogosphere Summer Party

Blogosphere Summer Party
Lumiere London, Location for Blogosphere Summer Party

I can't believe I almost didn't go to the Blogosphere Summer Party yesterday. I'd been excited during the run up to spend a Sunday afternoon in a stylish London venue, sipping tea, eating cakes and getting to know fellow bloggers, but when the day came round I was torn. Networking is not my strongest point BUT drinking tea is. 

Attending blogging events alone is daunting. I had cold sweats at the thought of not knowing anyone and potentially skipping round the room frantically in a manner not dissimilar to the Grinch, while I try to look totally fine hanging out on my own. 

In the end I was swung by dreamy velvet sofas, the sponsors (The London Tea Company and JewelleryBox.co.uk) and the promise of an ice breaker. 

Tea Samples from The London Tea Company

I'd been lucky enough to attend the cover reveal party for Issue 9 of Blogosphere Magazine in June, so I should've known there'd be nothing to worry about. You get looked after at Blogosphere events, from plenty of details before the event to the warm and friendly welcome when you arrive. 

I was running slightly late so the party was in full swing when I arrived, with bloggers already mingling and tucking into the amazing cakes and fair trade tea. 

The afternoon was completely relaxed and a brilliant opportunity to chat with other bloggers and the blogosphere team. I'm a Lancashire based blogger where blogging events are few and far between (unless I'm looking in the wrong places) so spending an hour or two drinking endless tea and chatting all things blogging was so much fun and really inspiring. 

After a year of blogging there's still so much I need to learn, so having the chance to grill other bloggers big and small was well worth the journey to London. As living proof that 'it's good to talk' I chatted to Gavin Wrenn, wellness food blogger behind Le Petite Oeuf who, would you Adam n Eve it, is soon to be launching blogging classes. (If I'd have known how good his blog is at the time I might not have prattled on about whatever it was I was prattling on about). 

Speaking of prattling on, why did I tell Alice Audley, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, that I spend a lot of time sneakily on Twitter when I'm at work? As I say, networking is not my strongest point. 

It's absolutely worth keeping an eye on Blogosphere Magazine's twitter page @BlogosphereM for upcoming events. While some spaces are allocated for contributors they also give non-contributors the chance to buy tickets, which is another little plus point for you there ... inclusive of all bloggers not just the big wigs. You just have to get in there quick before tickets sell out. Don't worry if you don't know anyone, honestly the Blogosphere team are all so lovely and will make sure you're not collapsed in some corner breathing into a brown paper bag. 

I'm genuinely pleased I made it to this event and not just because it re-affirmed that I'd like a green velvet sofa. Opportunities are always there, sometimes you just have to go out and find them. 

The Blogosphere Summer Party was just that, an opportunity, to chat to fellow bloggers, to get to know more about the magazine, what goes into creating it and possibly even how to get involved, and last but by no means least an opportunity for a goody bag! 

The little gift from jewellerybox.co.uk is wrapped so nicely it's almost too nice to open. Almost! I'll be sharing what's inside on my Twitter and Instagram.

If you fancy having a read of Blogosphere Magazine "your offline guide to the online world" you can pick up a copy here

As always thanks so much for reading. I'm off for an Earl Grey, maybe even pinky finger out. x x


  1. Great post. It's nice to know it's not just me that gets nervous at being in a room full of strangers. Looks like it was a fab event too and I completely agree about that green sofa - it's gorgeous!


    1. Haha, the thought of it is terrifying! It's never as bad as you think it's going to be is it. Turned out to be a lovely afternoon! :) xx

  2. Picked up the Blogosphere magazine for the first time this week - so glad I did! It was reading through the #inthespotlight section that I came across your blog, and was inspired to start one myself! I was putting off starting it because I didn't want to put myself in the spotlight of it - I really want the writing to speak for itself.
    Keep up the fab work, look forward to reading more of your posts soon xx

    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! Really happy if I've inspired you in any tiny way to get blogging! Go for it!
      Let me know if you do decide to start, I'll keep an eye out for your posts xx


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