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Coffee Shop Monday: Ham & Jam, Preston.

Caffeine. Needed on a Monday more than any other day of the week. With that in mind let me welcome you to the ingeniously titled 'Coffee Shop Monday.' From now on, at the first Monday of every month you can find a post that contains me hurled up in a favourite coffee shop snacking and supping tea in the interests of spreading the word about spots worth a visit. 

Am I willing to dedicate the time each month hurled up on comfy chairs, snacking and supping tea in devout dedication to 'Coffee Shop Monday' and to you? 

Well OK, but only because it's you, I'm just that sort of person.

Without further ado step inside Ham & Jam, an independent coffee shop in Preston City centre. You might remember me singing their praises in a previous post when they played host to the Lancashire Fringe Festival. If you didn't catch that post you can here.

In no way over dramatising things, on my maiden visit to Ham & Jam I declared it my favourite local coffee shop and vowed that I'd be back. I stuck to my word and also got stuck into a 'proper' sized toasted tea cake.

Reasons why it's worth a visit (in no particular order):

The interior is my ideal d├ęcor. Modern and minimalist with clean lines and comfy chairs. The nicest setting to while away an  hour or two.  

The menu is wholesome and offers locally sourced ingredients in support of the local community. As living proof, a delivery of fresh tomatoes for that days soup arrived just as I did.
It's gonna be your choice should you visit to make the decision between indulgent handmade brownies or light and healthy fruit cups with yoghurt. Let the kind of day you're having be the decider. 

Hot water refills for your tea put a stop to that feeling of being rushed that you can sometimes get in larger chain coffee shops. At Ham & Jam you're encouraged to relax and spend your time. Pitched as "a welcome retreat from a busy life" it lives up to it's aspirations.

Free Wifi speaks for itself. 

Daily newspapers secured bonus points for being that days papers.

Events worth keeping an eye out for. A 'Punk Fiction' artwork exhibition arrived just after my visit, with a launch evening taking place this Friday the 05th August and a Comic Workshop the day after on the 06th. Something different to try that needn't cost you more than a cup of coffee, unless handmade brownies happen to be your Achilles heal.

As a space "where artists and artisans can express their skills" you can stay up to date with what's on via Twitter @HamandJamPR1 or www.hamandjamcoffeeshop.com.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ham & Jam is a breath of fresh air in Preston. Give me a stylish interior, a good cup of tea and I'm in.

Thanks so much for reading. May your Monday be short and your coffee strong!

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