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What Always Happens On A Hen Do

A hen party is a big affair. You can forget the days of a solitary night on the town before you wave goodbye to your maiden name in the hope you've picked a gooden. These days you'll need 48 hours, a passport and a pack of rennies...and rightly so. Brides to be are going large and taking their friends down to.

If you land the task of planning a hen party "many different kinds of entertainment are selected, depending on what the organisers think will best please their guest of honour" ...ta Wikipedia. 

Despite the aforementioned "many different kinds of entertainment" there are certain things that will always happen when you take a large group of excitable females, put them on a plane and ply them with Prosecco.
#1 An abundance of 'I'm taking this, don't forget that' whatsapp messages trigger a minor pre-hen party panic attack.

#2 Someone sleeps in and is late.

#3 One hen is secretly thrilled about getting searched at customs returning to the group with a "What AM I like?" ... well like the rest of us pal...regular travellers. There has never been an airport security team debrief "only search the fun looking ones." 

#4 Everyone wears a sash.

#5 Large groups of women = a perfect storm for faff...and so faff happens.

#6 Men see a bride to be in a veil and a group of sash wearing gals as a green light to approach, usually with the question "are you getting married then?" or "when's the big day then?"

#7 You attend a cocktail making class.

#8 You drink through a willy straw...and find it hilarious.

#9 Someone gets beyond drunk by lunch time.

#10 You automatically "WAHEY" at passing stag dos and vice versa.

#11 A passer by shouts the comment, "Don't Do It!" Apart from all the times you've heard this before, you've never heard this before.

#12 The super organised of the group get a bit pissed off with the super unorganised.

#13 The super unorganised of the group get a bit pissed of with the super organised.

#14 Some of the hens fall out/cry or both.

#15 Someone is sick.

#16 Someone has to go back to the room early.

#17 Back in their rooms the hens talk about the other hens.

#18 Someone sleeps on the bathroom floor.

#19 Unmarried hens get told "you'll be next."

#20 When you get home you miss everyone and could just murder a glass of wine and 48 hours 'waheying' at strangers passing by.

Did I miss anything out? Hollar at me in the comments if I did...

Is it just me or is 'Faff Happens' a brilliant t.shirt slogan??

*I need to just add that the hen party I went on last weekend inspired some of these points, but not all of them! Nobody fell out or cried but someone definitely did spend the night on the bathroom floor. Don't ask.

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