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Holiday Planning - A Cure For Wanderlust

What's the next best thing to going on a holiday? Planning one!

It might have rained all the live long day on Tuesday, but the wet weather didn't dampen my spirits. Armed with maps, city guides, cliché travel themed notebooks and a bottle of Prosecco, my boyfriend and I spread out across the living room floor for an evening of holiday planning. 

In a free spirit wave of 'why the hell not' we'd already booked flights to Milan and flights home, nine nights later from Bologna. 

I say free spirit wave because I haven't actually booked the annual leave yet. In the vain of "you become what you think"... I think I'm going to Italy for nine nights this August so let's wait and see.

Not that anyone ever really needs an excuse to crack open a bottle of Prosecco, but we used our Italy planning as one. And while I'm talking about excuses to open a bottle of fizz, did you know that Prosecco, unlike Champagne, doesn't improve with age? Ideally it should be drunk as young as possible, 'preferably within three years of it's vintage.' 

There ends the 'Should I, Shouldn't I?' debate. Yes you should, and quickly. You're welcome!  

I was lucky enough to be sent a bottle of Premier Estates Wine's triple award winning Prosecco and Grand Rose Sparkling Wine.  In case you haven't heard of Premier Estates Wine, they're an independent British company that provide high quality wines without the pretentious attitude that's often attached. As an extra little bonus they'll deliver your purchase to your door for free. 

If your a wine/fizz drinker it's worth having a look at their site, a case of 6 currently works out at £6.31 a bottle! 

Dreaming of an escape to Italy while sipping a light and refreshing Prosecco, I've had worse Tuesday evenings. Who doesn't love the satisfaction that comes with enjoying a glass of delicate fizz? A little celebratory reward during busy lives but not so over the top that you couldn't, if you fancied, crack open a bottle from the comfort of your sofa or in this case the living room floor. 

So how did we get on with our Italian itinerary? I'll be completely honest with you, by the end of our evening we had agreed the following... 

Two nights in Milan... (which for some reason was written on the back of an envelope)

What can I say? We've got a bit more planning to do. How convenient that we still have a bottle of Sparkling Rose to get through. *Runs to fridge...

I was kindly sent some samples from Premier Estates Wine but love of fizz on a week night, or any other night, all my own. 

If you have any must see recommendations for our trip please send them over! Inspiration is always welcome. 

Thank you so much for popping back to read Not Your Nine To Five. Don't forget you can find me on Twitter and Instagram ... come and say hello.

Hope you have a lovely weekend lined up and if you don't have any big plans, why not crack open a bottle of fizz anyway? You probably deserve it x x

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