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Blue Skies & Bunting At The Continental's Beer & Cider Festival

Beer Glasses at The Continental's Sixteenth Beer and Cider Festival

The rain clouds took pity on Preston this weekend and stayed away (for the most part) for The Continental's Sixteenth Beer and Cider Festival. 

Kimono clad, I went along on Friday to get the closest I was going to get to Glastonbury, and keen to try a few of the 150 plus beers, ciders and craft ales under blue skies and bunting. 

The Continental's beer festival holds fond memories for me. Memories of the time a friend sent a 'booty call' text to a lad she didn't realise was standing right behind her. As intended she did end up on her back...she tripped and landed lady bug style. 

In the interest of memories such as this, it's one of the few local events that as a group we still all make the effort to get to. 

*Note to friend who ended the night on her back (you know who you are), sorry for using your cider fuelled mishap as blog material*

The festival gist is simple, leave a £2 deposit for your pint glass, arm yourself with drink tokens, then crack on sampling beers, ciders and ales from master brewers all over the world. 

If you're really into your plonk and want to be all "this Old Moor Porter has an initial bitterness with hints of liquorice but really gives way to a smooth mellow finish" then pick up a copy of the tasting notes and fill your boots. Quaff away while local bands play throughout the day.

A few additions made an appearance to the festival this year which was really good to see. A pop up Gin shop and an Odd Fellows chocolate stall. If gin or chocolate doesn't win you over then I'm afraid nothing will!    

It's nice to see a local event that keeps on growing. I'm the first to moan that nothing much ever happens in Preston so I'm more than happy to eat my words when The Continental holds it's festival. 

You know it's a good event when your friend's Mum mistakes your friend for your Mum. How many of you are re-reading that sentence? 

*Note to friend who was mistaken for my Mum (you know who you are), sorry for using a cider fuelled mishap as blog material*

Thanks so much for reading. You can head to The Continental's website to find out about upcoming events!

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