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A Long Weekend In St Ives: Part Two

Seagull at St Ives harbour Cornwall
Cornish postcard
Welcome to the final leg of my long weekend in St Ives Cornwall. If you didn't catch part one you can get yourself up to speed here

I decided to split my visit to St Ives into two posts. It's the most photogenic little place and basically I had too many photos to fit into one... you can't expect me to leave out any bobby dazzlers like the seagull postcard can you. 

Anyway, after two nights of exploring, eating and drinking, we met up with my family for two more nights of exploring, eating and drinking. There's something special about meeting up with people when you're away. How lovely it is to see familiar faces when you're in different surroundings. 

It's even lovelier when those familiar faces have hired a dreamy house over looking Porthmeor Beach and invited you along. 

Beautifully decorated and just a few minutes walk from the beach I was left wondering two things:

Why did we only agree to stay for two nights (my family stayed for a week) AND why don't I own a pink chaise longue?

As it turns out I needn't have packed my chastity belt as good ole pops allocated us, either strategically or by complete chance, a room with two single beds. Two single beds with a set of drawers in-between I might add.

We weren't complaining though. The house was gorgeous and besides, I had more pressing issues. My boyfriend wanted me to paddle board.

Porthmeor Beach, St Ives Cornwall

I've done paddle boarding once before but in a lake where the chances of drifting out to sea are a comforting zero. Part of me (a big part of me) needed the loo if I thought about paddle boarding in the sea. The other part of me thought I'd probably enjoy it if I tried it. 

Ignoring the fact that I was literally the only person on the beach wearing a life jacket (you've got to respect the sea), I threw caution to the wind, clipped my life jacket firmly shut and agreed to give it a go. 

Two hours later a lovely tan had started to develop on my face, neck and hands, and I'd stood up on my board for a solid 3 to 4 minutes. Paddle boarding in the sea is hard! 

As is always the case when you push through any fears, I really enjoyed it. Involuntarily tensing your legs for 120 minutes really helps to tone your legs! If I ever try it again I'll be a bit less wimpy and put a bit more effort in... which I know is very easy to say when you're on dry land.

That night we did what you have to do when you're on a British sea side holiday. We had fish and chips. We ate at the Balancing Eel down by the harbour where you can take you're own alcoholic drinks with no corkage charge. A little something extra if the amazing fish and chips alone aren't enough of a pull. 

The following day while the tide was out at the harbour, we wandered amongst the fishing boats and got a different perspective of St Ives. I can see why so many artists are drawn to the place. If only I could paint/draw, I'd re-locate in a jiffy. 

Fishing Boats rest on the sand at low tide, St Ives Harbour

We eyed up a vase in one of the art galleries as we played 'guess how much' and 'pretend you can afford something' but walked out empty handed, vowing to return one day when we've made our fortune, to buy a bloody set of two.

During the weekend, my brother-in-law said "there's something addictive about St Ives" and he's right. As our break drew to an end the magic of the place started to hit me all over again just as it did when I was younger.

We took a walk along the coast after a final family meal and the little pang that I always used to feel struck me. I really didn't want to leave.

I can't finish this post without giving a shout out to The Sloop. If you ever find yourself in St Ives you must stop there for a drink. A pub packed with character and plenty of outside seating to watch the world go by. We ended our visit having one or two in The Sloop...until they rang the bell for last orders actually. 

We got steadily merry (which is the polite way of saying pissed) and my Dad shared memories of his Dad stopping for one in The Sloop on family holidays, how he'd talked about an artist named Segal. Look around The Sloop today and whose work hangs on the walls? Segal. 

What a perfect end to the weekend. Wish I'd taken photos of the pub to show you though. I'll get some next time, I've got a feeling I'll be back.

For now though it's back to reality. Well back to saying "this time last week we were... "

I read somewhere that work fills your pockets and travel fills your soul. I couldn't agree more after a long weekend in St Ives.

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  1. That house looks incredible! Although the twin bed sitch did make me giggle a little hehe x

    1. Oh lord I know! How to kill the romance :) xx


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